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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Glenn, Jul 7, 2002.

  1. would taking an aspirin before you smoke make you more high? since blood travels easier.

    anyone ever tried this?
  2. well, different strokes or whatever man, but for me thats too much shit to do just to get a little higher, and it takes away from the whole natural element that comes with smoking marijuana, for me.
  3. i take an aspirn or two beofre smoking and drink pop during everysmoking session and i get a little higher but nothing realy notcie able just peaking quicker lasting a couple minutes longer
  4. woah i had no idea people did this to get higher!
    i can't hang with caffeine too well, and usually use pot to smooth out the jitters if i can't resist drinking a red bull or something.

    don't know how it affects you, but yeah it does sound like alot to do to get.. how big of a difference of a high? man. keep it up, but i prefer the mellow feeling pot gives me ~ caffeine gives me too much of an edge, and i avoid it unless i didn't get much sleep the night before and have to be on my toes.
  5. i don't know about asprin, and never will because that shit is evil (especially for asmatics).

    close friends, good music and bananas. that's what's needed for a quality smoking session. and a couch. but that kinda goes without saying. :)

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