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aspirin water for cloning

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by greennewb, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. came across an interesting piece of information and i was wondering if others have used this with success.

    instead of using rooting hormones, you can crush up a couple extra strength aspirin tablets into half a liter of distilled water. stir it up and let it sit over night. then you can use that solution to dip your clone stems into.

    i think i might try this one out.
  2. greenewb,

    The component in aspirin that is the hormone used for rooting cuttings is called salicylic acid. It is found in willow bark and interestingly, the Aloe Vera plant. Several of us organic growers are using Aloe Vera juice/gel as an organic rooting hormone with good success.

    You can get a gallon jug of Aloe Vera juice at Trader Joe's for 7-8 bucks.



  3. thanks for that chunk. i think i will definitely try this on my next clones :)
  4. greennewb,

    If you use the advanced search function here and the search string " aloe vera cloning" and then user name chunkdaddyo or lumperdawgz2 or Stankie you'll have enough reading to keep you busy all night on the art of cloning with aloe vera.

  5. Crushed aspirin, applied in either a foliar spray or directly to the root zone, in the above-mentioned concentrations (or even less), is a method used by some to induce hermies for breeding purposes!

    Supplemented aspirin *can* be good for plants, but you would want to use much, much less if you're looking for a healthy effect, without hormonal confusion. But in the end (like chunkdaddyo suggested) a proper cloning gel, or even aloe vera would be a much better option. :)
  6. If I want to add salicylic acid for clone dip what ppm is recommended?
  7. Make a tea from willow tree bark, or better any quality honey is best
  8. I can vouch for this. aspirin will cause hermis. I have used it to make femed seeds.

    from someplace on something

  9. :bongin:
  10. Aspirin to make Femmed seeds ..?     Have you links to this a tutorial perhaps ...?
  11. Keep in mind you don't have to "use" anything..
    a bubble cloner with just fresh water and bubbles clones fine _3-7 days to root and nothing else needed.
    about as natural as you can get...
  12. Yea i just use a bubble cloner with nothing and they always root around 5-10 days..then i add rapidstart since it has willow extract and the roots blow up
  13. can anyone post any reference to any science on the idea of using aspirin?   This is one thing that continually comes over and over but after a little research nothing can be found that actually substantiates the value of aspirin for stimulating plant growth.  Not to be a downer but if there is some available reads on real trial studies I'd like to read them. 
    Like the man said, if you want to fuck around just get some leaves from a willow and use that.  I've used it for years for rooting all sorts of plants.
  14. Chunk already explained it bananaman. Same stuff that's in the little packets that come with flowers and shit.
  15. wow i never knew this....about aspirin......i knew that aspirin is a ph adjuster.
  16. So much for using aspirin. Dont need any hermies.
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    Just use soil with nothing. Rooting hormones are not necessary. If you must, you can grab some aloe Vera juice or better yet aloe Vera plants and use the meat.

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