Aspirin In The Garden?

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  1. Aspirin In The Garden?

    In looking for new ways to make simple improvements in the garden, I've come across quite a bit information on using Aspirin in the garden to trick the plant into thinking it's under pathogenic attacks, therefore forcing it to take action making itself more hardier.

    I haven't come across many cannabis related reads regarding this info, but I've come across quite a few tomato related, and other plant reads citing that aspirin is a great tool in the garden. After some consideration, I've decided that I'll be giving this a try just to see how my plants like it, and I will be sharing the results that follow.
    Below I've compiled a list of links that I've found useful pertaining to this matter.
    If anyone has had any first hand experience here, please do share as I had a hard time finding info on this matter pertaining to cannabis.
    Most of the stuff is pertaining to tomatoes but I figure the gap between the two isn't that drastic, so I've shared it all.
    I'll be giving it a run here in the next few days at the rate of 243mg(3 weak aspirin tablets) per gallon, and then using that solution as a foliar just one time!

    Around all of the various forums, you can find lots of great info indeed, but even more bad info I feel like, so I'd really only like a response if any of you guys have any experience with aspirin in water, rather than just what you may have heard or read somewhere else on the internet.
    It's a shame that everything on the internet isn't exactly fact lol.
    Would make things SOOO much easier!
    I've been looking for info regarding using Aspirin in the garden for a couple days tho now, and decided I'd go ahead and post about it, in hopes that someone has tested this already!
    Like I said though, If no one has, I still will and will share my results!


    Informational Links
    The Aspirin Gene Via Science Daily & Cornell University
    Aspirin In The Garden Via Washington State University
    Aspirin In The Cannabis Garden According To Wikibooks
    Ehow On Plants And Aspirin
    Aspirin Review Via Unversity of Rhode Island
    Aspirin In The Garden Accoring To
    Aspirin In The Garden via GardenGuide
    Aspirin And Organic Tips Via TheMindfulPrepper

    (1)Youtube Video For Making Aspirin Water
    (2)Youtube Video For Making Aspirin Water

  2. Applied the aspirin foliar tonight just prior to lights off, so lets see how it goes.
    I crushed 3x81mg aspiring tablets up and let them dissolved in a gallon of water for a good 20 minutes.
    Let's hope that lasses haven't kicked the bucket by tomorrow when I turn the lights on :cool:.
    Despite all ths info that I've found and shared above, I have found posts on other forums where ppl said they killed their plants with aspirin. Either they're complete noobs or I just made a terrible mistake :wacko: ..

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    Ah! They LOVED it!
    Note to all: This is like a once a month or once every few month thing. Not a once a week thing according to all of the above!
  4. interesting i might give this a shot on one of my smaller plants
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    Certainly made mine VERY happy brother :)
  6. i wonder if it would be harmful to lady bugs i don't thing it would ill probably just take them off the plant before hand just to be safe
  7. Hmmm, good question....
    I'd take them off to be safe. They're loving life right now :cool:
  8. Aspirin is a SALT,and should be treated as such, ...I do have an open mind on the subject ...but just naturally suspicious ...just be ready to flush and flush your plant again and again
  9. Halo harpin foliar spray does something similiar, look in to the product for more info. It tricks the plant in to thinking its under attack and supposedly helps it grow heartier.
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    i have an open mindset too brother, so i tried it despite some ppl saying they didn't like the result due to the fact that you can't always account for human error.
    I found enoughtinfo saying it was beneficial and why, so I went for it and my plants responded accordingly :)
    Therefore i can recommend it, but only the way that I used it. My plants loved it just that much tho really.
    If you're worried about using it because it's aspirin, you can also use willow bark among several other things I'm sure!
    Also, why be ready to flush? I only used it as a foliar? I spray water on the leaves too. Every other night and sometimes at lights on, but only during veg since I'm trying all these foliars.
    Nice :)
    If Salycylic acid is the active ingredient then it's probably the same thing pretty much.
  11.  You've got a neat little genetic "mutation" or something going on with the plant in the rear all the way to the left. Each leaf has just one blade that kind of "curls" in a direction that doesn't "look right." It's definitely nothing to be concerned about, but I thought it was cool :p
    its actually some bacterial protein, seems interesting to try.
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    Just remember that the most common use for aspirin where cannabis is concerned is for producing hermies and, ultimately, seeds! Remember that the results are hormonal, chemical triggers, related to stress after all, and that while vegetative appearances may seem to improve to the average houseplant gardener who will often believe taller equals better, it could just be a stretch response, while your actual yield or the final weight may suffer..
    So keep in mind a little goes a LONG way, and tread with care! If you're relying on a crop, it's best to sample just a small plant or two, some strains and even certain phenos are much more sensitive than others (we'll actually discard plants that turn over and produce male flowers too easily when testing stress levels, or producing flowers for female seeds).
    Good luck! :)
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    Yeah I noticed that too maybe a couple of days ago lol. That plant is a Chemdawg from Humboldt Seed Organization.
    First time I've seen it tho! Will be interesting to see what happens with her :)
    Does seem interesting. Hopefully the cost is descent too!
    Will keep it in mind BKS.
    I'm not relying on a crop, and I'm still very much learning the ropes, so I try, and have tried a lot out to see what works and how for myself, given the fact that ppl can post whatever they want on the internet.
    I couldn't find much about aspirin and cannabis, but tomatoes love it apparently and there's scholarly research behind that, so I figure it should work for cannabis.
    But If I had taken advice that I got from the forums about this topic, I would have never tried it given all the horror stories that there are. First forum search i got was of a guy that killed his plants in one days somehow...Poor guy.
    But so far so good with the aspirin use. I will def. keep this thread updated as to how it goes.
    If my plants die or either hermie on me, I'll be sure to share so that the next person doesn't have to go thru the headache!
    Thanks for your pointers :)
  15. he's right......aspirin is used to adjust ur plants may have reacted to the ph change on the leaves.......i would be very causious friend
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    Salicylic acid is the component you are looking for out of aspirin. I use aloe vera to root clones and to encourage root development in established plants, as well as adding a bit to every foliar application. It also helps encourage increased SAR (systemic aquired resistence).
    A much better idea is to utilize fresh aloe vera "gel" or "juice", ie lily of the desert brand you can find at most health food stores. There's also the freeze dried powder for ease of use, or just grow an aloe plant.
    Flushing will not do a damn thing to the plants. It simply removes excess anions from the media; it will not remove anything from the plant itself. 
    Anybody interested in learning more about various applications of plants on our favored herb should head over to the organics section, where this is an ancient discussion. Plenty of educated folks over there that are more than happy to help people learn.

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    So how did things work out with the aspirin? started reading the thread and it just stopped.
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    dont look like he kept the thread updated lol..i would sale aloe powder would be better then useing a asprin since it contains this SA plus extra goodies and its cheap..alot of theads are like that on GC it seems..stoners!!! lol
  19. What happens if you spray it once a week?
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