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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by HittingBud, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Hey guys so I was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD in middle school. I've been taking ritalin LA since then and I am now in college.

    I have some real internal battles with depression, anxiety, and focusing as well. My uncle recently moved into my home(I'm home from school on break) and he has aspergers and is an MMJ patient. He also is a former chiropractor and one of the smartest guys i know.

    My mom confronted me last night and she told me that she thinks i have aspergers. She read all of the symptoms online and i fit in every category. I took an online quiz testing for aspergers and I was borderline.

    Out of all people i never really thought i would have a form of mild autism. I look normal, I'm 6'2. I work out a lot. I really do not want to get diagnosed with Aspergers just because I feel like it is embarrassing which is sad. I can function in my life pretty well with the ritalin and I use MMJ just not medicinally.

    I get great grades, I'm in med school, I love what I study.

    I guess my overall question is this: What would you do in my situation?

    Should I see a doctor and see if he agrees.
    Should I ignore it and continue how I am?

    If I get a diagnosis from my doctor I probably will get a MMJ card, which could be beneficial, but I don't want to end up just being stoned all the time because of my unlimited access to pot.

    Main Symptoms:
    1. Always break Eye contact
    2. Really good with Numbers-->straight A's in my math classes all through school. They were honors classes too.
    3. Pretty awkward in social situations unless i have some alcohol or marijuana in my system.
    4. I always go on about something and never give the other person time to speak.
    5. I become extremely obsessed with something until I'm the best at it. Some examples of that are the MMORPG games i used to play, but stopped. Another example is i taught myself to ride a unicycle in like 2 days and i could ride up and down the street on it. There are more...
    6. Also another symptom I have is when i walk, I sort of have this weird like hop in my step that people always comment on.
    7. I always have to keep the same rituals everyday. I wake up, take a shower get out get dressed shirt first then pants then underwear then socks.
    8. I also have like these weird habits when I'm in an awkward situation like touching my nose for like a flash of a second i don't know why.
    9. The final symptom is I have trouble with relationships. I'm so nice to people, I know that may sound kind of snotty but it is true. I truly believe I'm one of the kindest people, but I just really did not have a lot of luck with making friends during my High school years. I played sports, and even hungout with the jock kids but for some reason I never really felt fully accepted.

    All responses will be greatly appreciated, I don't have much else to say.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. First of all I think your mom is a dipshit if she think she can read the symptoms online and diagnose you with aspegergers

    I think your probably just a little socially awkward or mabye the people around you are just really stupid and your smarter than them, so it's hard to relate. People tried to tell me that I had aspergers or some shit in high school but once I went to college I made tons of friends because they were actually smart and could keep up with what I'm talking about.

    Just work on looking people in the eye, I had a bad habit where I would just look down when I talk because I was focusing hard on what I was saying and thinking. People don't understand this though and take it for lying or anger or sadness. Look people in the eye and most the time it barely matter if what you said is even a coherent sentence. Well exaggerating that last part, but they are more likely to engage with you and keep talking. People are kind of strange
  3. 2x ^^^ that

    family members trying to diagnose each other... totally absurd because the bias of knowing someone that closely puts any "diy/interweb diagnosis" out of the question.
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    first of all, how do you put your pants on before your underwear?

    but seriously i worked for a guy for a few summers who without a doubt has aspergers and he was horrible with math. i had to help him calculate my $10/hour pay at the end of the day. also, i have friends who i would call socially awkward and it is not even close to being on the same level. watch a few videos or read a book about it and if you still feel the same way go see a doctor.

    also one strong thing that stood out in my mind is that he would think a handful of minor things were hilarious and bring them up constantly... examples (a woman who was named november, me being asked to leave a gas station because i did not have a shirt on, etc)

    as the video below states, they cannot pickup on many important social skills: reading body language, sarcasm, implied meanings, hand gestures, etc.

    here is a good description of aspergers imo. this does not sound like you

    [ame=]What Is Asperger's Syndrome? - YouTube[/ame]
  5. my son has aspergers and it is something you would know early on I would think. I've never met someone in their college+ years who just woke up one day and said "Hey, I have Autism". But in any case, you should get a check up from the neck up every know and then, so go talk to your doc.
  6. You might be autistic if you put your pants on before your underwear.
  7. I have Aspergers, and I can honestly say that what you're describing sounds very much like you Do have it. Yours sounds a little worse than mine, or at least worse than mine is now. I too, am brilliant academically but have always struggled socially and have some of those odd physical ticks. Even now, I sometimes have to consciously suppress that skipping thing or the arm flapping motion. the hyper-focussing on developing one skill/area of knowledge is also a very Aspergers trait.

    I'll say that while I don't know if Marijuana helps with the organizational issues, OCD type traits, or physical ticks, It IS very effective at helping with the social issues. when I'm high, all the social anxiety goes away, and everything gets easier. (of course it also helps that I actually had group therapy and stuff when I was younger to teach me social skills- I've had to work REALLY hard to be functional in society, it was awful when I was younger) I have another friend with Aspergers (also very bright and an incredibly talented musician) and when he's high he acts totally normal, to the point where the contrast is hilarious.

    That being said, Its not practical to be stoned all the time. but you'll find that a lot of the people you meet high will actually turn out to be great friends in the long run, and that stoners in particular tend to be some of the most laid back and accepting people you'll ever meet.
  8. Honestly it sounds like you have very mild Aspergers. For me I have to take breaks from people. I rarely do things on weekends because I need that time for myself just to calm down. I have many troubles with being in situations with new people and there are only a handful of people that I'm not so awkward around. Weed really helps with my Aspergers so that most of symptoms decrease but with access to a MMJ card I'm sure I would over do it and be high all the time

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