Asking the Pizza Guy if he wants to smoke?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Masonsmokes, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. Has anyone ever done this? If so, post results. I want to hear from your experiences because I ordered a pizza and I have always wanted to ask him to come in and share a bowl. I just never get the balls to ask if he smokes. Haha, anyone do this before?
  2. i haven't but i've known a few pizza delivery guys and apparently being smoked out as a tip is more common than you might think. a buddy told me that once he was delivering to a football party and they brought him inside, smoked him up and tried getting him to do shots but he had to insist that he is a driver and can't very well be drinking on the job:p
  3. Hell yeah! Because I have had the same driver for almost a year, he knows I have parties all the time, he has to judging by the amounts of cars in my driveway at night. But I just never asked him if he wanted to join, I just never saw the opportunity.

    But thanks! Maybe I will just smoke him out and leave the tip off. Sounds fair to me. :smoke:
  4. I would way rather rip a bowl for a rip than get 2 bucks. Definate improvement, also if he ever delivers to you again i guarantee he will be mad chill.
  5. A few New Years Eves ago I ordered pizza that came about 3 minutes before midnight. I felt bad for the guy having to deliver on NYE, so we invited him inside to countdown with us, have a glass of champagne and hit the blunts that were being passed at midnight. Other than that, I dont bother -- I kind of assume that these guys' watches are ticking and don't have much time anyway.
  6. I had a pizza guy come one time and he goes "mmm.. smells pretty good in here" as I am paying. (He was talking about all the weed smoke.) So we invited him in and he took a couple rips before he had to continue on delivering.
    Try answering the door with a joint in your hand
  7. It was tempting to try this tonight, but once again. I chickened out due to the fact that he seemed to be oddly in a hurry tonight. So, I guess they were busy. Oh well, I still want to here some more stories, I feel this thread has some BADASS potential

    Now, pizza. :smoke:
  8. Quite often. I judge the book by it's cover and offer if I feel good about it. If I don't, here's your tip and you smelled that skunk that is hiding under my house.
  9. If im in the mood to get the delivery guy high, instead of tipping, i usually just answer the door with bong in hand....gets the point across VERY swiftly
  10. Yeah, just whip open the door with a bong in your hand.
  11. I know a couple delivery boys, they'd all shit bricks if a customer offered them a bong rip.

    Do it!
  12. most pizza delivery guys smoke IMO. 2 of my friends are delivery boys, and everyone at that place smokes. and when there not delivering, there sitting in the parking lot (atleast thats how it works here) doing nothing.
  13. everyone but this weird old lady at the local pizza place here burns
  14. Holy shit, this is awesome.
    I can't believe how many people really ask their pizza guys.
    I'm going to have to do it.
  15. ive always wanted to do this in place of a tip, but every time i order a pizza its an old man :(
  16. I've actually thought about this before. During the summer whenever I'd chill with my cousin we'd usually end up ordering Dominoes, and would post up on his stoop while waiting. Most of the time we'd get the same delivery guy each time, he's a pretty young kid and all, and one night we had the bong out and he goes "thanks guys, enjoy the bud" haha.

    The next time we got together my cousin goes "if we get the same delivery guy should we offer to smoke him out"? I was down for it but some chick showed up instead. I've seen pornos start out like that but unfortunately life didnt imitate art that night.:(
  17. No, but I have asked plenty a fresh faced pizza delivery boy if they could help shove their big sausage pizza down my throat. Sadly none have taken the hint. :(

  18. Please have boobs.
  19. It might seem the cool thing to do but personally I think it's not very advisable.
    You don't know the guy, or the guys he might know.
    "They have weed" is all it takes for some people to think about fucking you over.
    Even if it WAS someone "friendly to the cause" or not outrightly still don't know the type of person they are, what if then they expect it all the time, and when you're out, they get pissed thinking you're holding back on them, then before you know it, you're not just getting pizza on your pizza.
    I think a general rule is that people should at least TRY to be discreet.

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