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Asking strangers for bud

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FLganjamon, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. Im lookin for some bud and im out of town...and like im tryin to find people who look like the 'stoner type', but when i find a good candidate..i dont really know what to

    so whats your best 'pickup line' to get some ganja from a randy

  2. haha i remember this happened to me and 3 friends when we were in santa barbra, my homie asked like 10 random people 'do you guys know where we could get some bud' and nobody wanted to sell us any and we even asked people who were blazing. they were probably sketched out cuz we we're pretty young lol i'd say your best bet is "where the treez at" :D
  3. I think your best bet might be to come clean with them from the start, "Sorry but I'm from outta town and I have no idea where to find some bud."

    Never had to do it myself, aside from festivals, but I mean if they smoke they'll either hook you up or understand where you're coming from. If they don't who cares you'll never see them again.
  4. Hah yeah im in on a condo balcony trying to get peoples attention and do some hand gestures like smokin a joint and flashin hundreds...that would lure most stoners lol
  5. people usually just shout at me yo wheres the bud at around here, or got any nug. its happened like 4 times. i usually just tell them my guys # cuz hey, i give my guy business he gives me good deals

  6. Man, you give randoms your personal's number? That seems crazy to me. I'd never think of giving out the number of anyone I pick up from.
  7. Yeaa, this isn't smart.
  8. Just straight up ask where you can find some herb, go near a college campus area.
  9. Look around anywhere that sells blunt wraps and wait for someone to buy a wrap. It worked for me .
  10. Look for young people who roll their own smokes, and ask them.
    Me and all my stoner friends roll our own, and I've never met anyone my own age who rolls cigs and doesn't smoke weed.

    I was walking back from the supermarket this morning and rolling a cig, and some random guy complimented my rolling and asked me if I wanted to go smoke some weed with him..
    I passed (I live in a pretty dodgy area) but had a good chat with him. (This was what inspired me to post)
  11. Thanks guys..hopefully ill be able to get my hands on some tomorow...i have been 5 days without...this is the closest thing to a T break ive ever had a way its good lol.

    Another question, will 5 days without tokin lower my tolerance at all?

    I usually smoke every day but im on vacation and had to take a plane but ive never taken a break so idk
  12. I'd say for me, even 2 or 3 days lowers my tolerance a fair bit.
  13. This is very dangerous. Asking strangers is a bad idea. Make some friends first then throw the question out there.

    My friend was taken to a block of flats where he was robbed and nearly beaten up by a group of people, just because he asked a stranger.
  14. The safest way I have found in my experience is to find people that look like they smoke and instead of asking directly for bud, ask for a headshop. Most smokers are paranoid enough to immediately turn down people straight up just walking up and asking for a hookup. The headshop method gets the conversation rolling towards asking for a hookup, but if worst comes to worst, then you are still at a headshop at the end and it is pretty damn easy to get a hookup at a place that only stoners go.
  15. I see this same thread like 3 times a day. hahaa
    Just go somewhere that sells pipes/bongs/hookahs/etc. and talk to people that look at them.
    True story: Me and my friend were lookin at the bongs they had at some gas station by my house. It was close, so we just walked. When we left the gas station some old dude stopped his car to talk to us and said he saw us looking at them and would buy us a pipe if we smoked him out. So we got in his car, went back to the gas station, got the pipe, and went to a christian bookstore parking lot (it was nearby) and hotboxed his car. Still have the pipe to this day...
    Must have been one desperate motherfucker.

  16. That's fucking scary man. :eek::(
  17. I know. I couldn't believe it when he told me. All because he had a couple drinks and stupidly gave some guy his money.
  18. It's easily done though, I'm looking for a new contact and at my age you can't just hang around on the street in baggy jeans waiting for someone with a Bob Marley T shirt. :p The best option I've got is to ask a stranger. :(

    Gonna try and stay away from people who look like they wanna beat me up. :hide:

  19. In my neighborhood, Gastown in Vancouver, you can walk up to anyone and ask and they won't freak or be offended!

    I learned the hard way that some of the weed down here is killer strong! My girlfriend and I smoked a bowl with these 20 year olds outside of the Cambie once, and it was easily twice as strong as the weed we were used to. We stumbled 2 blocks home, which took like 20 minutes, then ordered 2 pizzas.

    We then couldn't figure out how to eat the pizza, and ended up with pizza all over our faces, the couch, a piece stuck to the wall, complete silliness.

    I woke up the next day with a pizza and weed hangover. I was ruined! Street weed kicked my ass! I was easily the most stoned that night of my entire 2009.
  20. yo man I'm from (so and so) I don't know anyone in this town I was wondering if you knew where i could find some smoke(if their older) trees(if they're chill) bud(universal) budda(someplaces) idk man. I was in Nanticoke,PA and ending up finding weed:D I'm good like that..made some good friends that way too.CT FTW!(and not that band ftw)

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