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Asking random ppl for hookup?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by LS1KILR, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. What are your experiences with asking people if they know where to find some bud? Do they get offended? Does it ever work out well where you actually get a nice hookup? Im without weed again. The guy I deal with is hit or miss sometimes and he doesnt have the best of weed to say the least. Im thinking about looking for another hookup so I dont have to go through days without bud.....theres a guy in my management class I know for sure he smokes, but I havent found the right time to ask him....
  2. I have spend most of my life asking random people if they "got buds"

    It works, look for people who work midnights at gas stations or something, usually people who smoke cigarettes are more likely to smoke weed. In my city I have run into all sorts of dealer just by hanging around the closest gas station. Its like the dealer re-fuel spot, I did meet a pretty scary dude so don't waste your time with dealers that carry guns and weapons. They don't rip you off but you don't want to be the one calling them when they are short on cash!!

    Good Luck and don't be shy, people like potheads!:cool:
  3. In my opinion the best time to establish hook ups are when you have pot.
    You smoke up some stoner, and that ice is broken, then next time your dry ask the very stoner you smoked up. If the stoner is cool and has good connections it should be cool.
    Sorry this doesn't really help you at the moment.
    Work on that management class dude. Just complain that you could REALLY use a J around him, see his reaction.
  4. ive never had to ask randoms cause i have like 3 dealers around me but you should give 'er a go. or just go to spot in your neighbourhood where everyone blazes if oyu have a place like that.
  5. When I meet new people one of the first things I ask is if they smoke. If they say "Smoke what?", you're good to go.
  6. actually, i've only ever asked anyone if they could hook me up if they smoke me out, but i've had alot of random people over the years ask ME for hookups even in grocery stores!

    i haven't had a connection in over 3 years by now probably. i knew a cool dude who'd throw me an eigth the past two christmases before i moved and recently, i bought a gram from i stoner i met, but i won't talk to him any more after i went back to buy another and he was out.

    some friends of his came over and he invited me in, then in the middle of vaping flipped on me for taking too big a hit, so he's on my fuck of and die list now just like every shitty indica pushing dealer i've had in the past 20 years the second they jerk me around or give me attitude.

    i don't keep dealers because as far as i'm concerned, they're not doing me any favors overcharging me for inferior indica beasters. i started out smoking potent as heck thai which was trippy and not couchlocking at $40 a quarter then when it disappeared, prices immediately jumped to $50 an eigth for shit that does nothing much more than make you tired.

    that's why i want to grow my own and whenever the topic comes up around a stranger, i'll toss 'em a nice sativa dominant bud so they realize how evil dealers really are.

    i could use a hookup, but i'm not going out of my way for one because in the long run, they just piss me off anyways.

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