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asking my neighbor for bud?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stoned and dizzy, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. alright heres the deal, i recently found my neighbors pot plant and i was already skeptical of if he was a fellow toker or not but that just confirmed it the problem is ive seen people come out of his apartment alot and it usually smell like weed upstairs every day. im not sure if he is a dealer or just a toker it seems like both. i need help because im purchasing my first pipe today and i want some herb to break it in how do i aproach him and ask him if he'll hook me up with his guy or sell to me personally? :confused_2:

  2. Try to be friendly with him and you can go straight up and talk to him about weed, tell him you know about the herb and ask if he will want to toke up one time together or something like this or even if he will to sell you sometimes. he wont call the cops or something...
    I dont see any reason to be nervous about that.
  3. Tell him that you are his neighbor, and you're dry and looking to score some bud for the labor day weekend. Be cool about it, if he say's no, tell him you understand and just walk away.
  4. I wouldn't mention his plant and the fact you smell his weed ALL the time, he may feel his privacy has been invaded. You could catch him walking out and say something like "smells like good stuff" and not follow it up, plant the seed in his head that you may also smoke and when the times right ask him if he would sort a fellow toker out.

  5. Yeah do this. If you get a good relationship with your dealer its perfect. I've had that situation before lol.

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  6. since your making a hot approach, you dont want to just straight up ask him otherwise he might get paranoid. Like others have said plant (no pun intended) the idea in his head that you smoke, a comment as you pass him etc. If your intent on asking dont be surprised if he says no and if he does leave it at that and dont nag, nagging will only make him not like you or grow suspicious 
  7. Didn't you just try to ask this question yesterday under a different account? And you said you were under 18....

    Now you have a new account asking the same question, and this is your first post...

  8. im sorry you must have me mistaken i am a 18 year old male just looking for some answers
  9. thanks for all the answers it really helped
  10. DO IT! this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship  :smoke:  :smoke:
  11. got excited... yeah, just go up to him, be casual, and be straight forward.
    No one who smokes will trip if someone genuinely comes up asking for a hand..
    and if he DOES sell, you're in the clear, he'll be pleased probably!
  12. "Hey yo bruh, you got bud? I'll pay ya for it :D." Bam, you get bud.

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