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Asking my dealer.....for another dealer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FatJayz, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. Title say's it. My main guy is dry until next Monday and the only other connect I have only has some good mids but I want dank, ya know lol is it a faux pas to ask my mids dealer if he knows anyone who has dank right now? it just seems weird. I just smoked my last joint so im thinking now is the time to do it if im gonna do it

  2. if its the homie I would ask but if its a strictly dealer relationship I wouldnt
  3. If he is dry until then, isn't it likely his supplier is dry too? :confused_2:  Maybe if you trust him a lot, inquire if it's fundage or supply issues. :smoke:
  4. we're not "homies" or nothing, been a customer for a while and I met him through a mutual friend. my main guy is dry because his "supplier" is his friend that gets it from a grower in central California. his friend is busy and can't come to town to drop off his weed. there's no clinics in my area, the closest one is 26 miles away
  5. if he is used to you only buying mids he may have neglected to say he has top grade
  6. if he is used to you only buying mids he may have neglected to say he has top grade
  7. 26 miles isn't that far. Road trip!
  8. #8 G4Grassdetta, Feb 6, 2014
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    26 miles??? That's two gallons of gas in a v8. $7 for weed. Imma take that.
    but yeah...I would be very unlikely to tell you has dank besides me...unless I might seek to curry favor and perhaps you will return to me when I am not dry.
    More likely I'd just tell you I can get you bud but it'll cost 20% more so it's up to you whether or not you want it. I would never just give you another dealer though ha. Unless, ofc we were friends.
  9. ask. whats the worst thatll happen. him saying no?
  10. my 4.0l v8 gets me 18-20mpg combined. if its a 26 mile road trip hes taking the hwy. my v8 gets me 25mpg on the highway
  11. Wow...lucky you lol. My v6 gets 27 hwy and 18 city. would cost $7 round trip then
  12. Not at all the worst he can say is no just be real polite and explain your situation to him
  13. #13 FatJayz, Feb 6, 2014
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    he doesn't have top shelf, all he has these days is some really crappy sour og, its all he ever has. I like his bud, but like I said its mids. and 26 miles is too far for me lol I already commute 16 one way 5 days a week for work

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