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Asking headshop employees for a hook up?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420Juggalo610, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. l know by now that almost every headshop employee smokes, but I wanna make sure I won't get into an awkward situation. Can they hook you up if you ask?
  2. That's a bad idea
  3. You will probably get kicked out.
  4. not a good idea .
  5. Don't listen to those Debbie downers.

    Give it a go
  6. hate to judge a user by his name.

    but if your a juggalo most likely NO.

    if your a normal guy most likely NO.

    they want their jobs, maybe incinuate your looking, dont just ASK FOR WEED BRUH
  7. If you consider doing this, I would go about it discreetly.

    First of all, do not ask for any sort of hookup unless you make a good purchase, just to be safe. Buying something that costs at least $60 might be considered safe. While checking out, ask somewhat passively where to get some bud in the area. They will either provide feedback based on where it is easiest to get bud, or they won't say anything. If they do give you some info on where to pick up, make sure what they tell you seems legit. Never go to buy from someone whom you do not know the name or simple background of.

    When I was in Bellingham, I never asked headshop employees for references. However, on occasion they did mention where they tended to get bud from, in more or less detail, when I checked out with a pricey pipe or mini bong. In this case, I would say proceed with caution and determine whether or not bud is accepted in the area you are in before asking any clerk for a hook up.

    In my experience, most head shop employees are chill and not sketch at all. However, I would never recommend that you ask for a weed source to a complete stranger. When looking for bud, always use your head. If you have to go a week or two without weed, remind yourself that there will be plenty of weed in the future, so long as you remain cautious and honest to yourself.
  8. It really depends, at my lhs one of the cooler employees actually brought up weed when we were talking lol. I acted like I didn't smoke but we both know we both smoke...
  9. Go for it man. Worst that can happen is they ask you to leave.
  10. If you were a cop, and you hired some shmuck to go find a dealer for you, where would YOU send them?????

    They will, and should, be wary of you being a narc, and will politely ask you to "get the fuck out and never come back again."
  11. Instead ask a customer when they leave the headshop.
  12. A lot of headshop employees will flip out if you even say "bong" instead of "water pipe." I doubt they'll like it too much if you run around their store looking for weed.
  13. Im in cali and id never do that. Its not good for the business
  14. Haha my lhs is called Chads 420 and has bud posters all around the store :p
  15. I'd say depends where your from, on the employee, and the regularity with which you visit the shop and how often you actually buy shit.

    I go into my LHS all the time for papers, pieces, or just to browse and talk with the employees because I've built relationships with most of them. I just bought a new bong the other day and the guy who sold it to me told me to get ripped for him.
  16. It depends on the employee.
    There's one local headshop that I won't even mention bud in unless there's a certain employee working(ANd I only mention it to him)
    Another headshop, about 5 minutes away, I know the owner and will talk to him about it all day.

    Just gotta be able to make easygoing conversation then bring it up when trust is established.

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