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Asking For Weed/ A Hook Up At A Restaurant?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by The innovator, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. My girlfriend would always pick up bud for me cause her uncle was a dealer but we broke up and she refuses to talk to me. So now I need to find a new dealer. I live in NYC so there's tons of good bud. Do you think if I go to a restaurant late at night and ask if they know where to get bud it'll work out? If not I was thinking chilling around a corner store at night but that's pretty damn sketchy... I don't want Mexican dirt weed either. 

  2. why not try?
  3. It may be a good way to get kicked out. Most restraunts arnt drug houses
  4. Try it in the drive-thru but even if they were selling, they'll have a hard time trusting you.
  5. I'm talking about asking a young guy at like Burger King or some shitty fast food place not a legit restaurant. 
  6. Sounds like it would probably work. Depending on the individual you ask. At my burger king, it would probably work if you didn't ask the manager xD
  7. Its summer rite nao you'll probably just find a bunch of tourists.
  8. Try a dive bar instead of a restaurant. 
  9. I'm 20 not 21
  10. Oh. :(
    Well yeah, fast food kids are probably your next best bet. Or high schoolers. High schoolers aren't cops.
  11. Well if I go to a high school and wait til the kids get out that's kinda creepy since I'm a grown man lol I'd rather go to a college campus
  12. Where in the city my man? I wouldn't just try walking into a random restaurant.. But if your desperate I know a bodega on east 183rd street in East Tremont that sells some dimebags of some mids 
  13. You can always go to Washington square park.

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  14. I'm in Brooklyn I just Googled it and Eat Tremont is wayyyyyy far off from where I am. That's what's up though I bet there are places like that around my area I just don't know of any 
  15. I've heard that place is crawling with cops recently 
  16. I'd ask some younger kids at night outside gas stations if they know where to find some trees. Very stoner phrase, never makes people suspicious, usually they will try to help you out. `
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    dude, PM me.
    i'm from NYC too and recently had a similar situation, BUT my fiancee is a waitress and she got us a new connect from other wait-staff at work.
    on a side note, your sig had me cracking up because i actually DO know a stoner body-builder who is FROM NYC!! but last i knew he was living in manhattan haha
  18. That's awesome it worked out like that. It's crazy how there's so much bud in the city but it can be so hard to find at times. Glad to make you laugh man  :) It's pretty funny cause most of the other guys who lift at my gym can't smoke cause they say it makes them too calm so they don't want to work out haha.
  19. Give it a go.  It will be hit and miss but scope it out and your chances will improve

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