asking for herb at frat parties

Discussion in 'General' started by rigapeen, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. first post :)

    hi, im a freshman and ive been looking fairly hard for bud and cant find any. is it frowned upon to go to frat parties and ask everyone there for bud? should i ask the partygoers or the frat brothers both/neither? how likely is it that i will find any?

    im in freaking baltimore and i cant believe i havent found any yet. damn

  2. Well if you're partying, there's bound to be weed around somewhere.

    Don't just go to a party and start trolling for weed, but after you meet some people and strike up some conversations steer it towards ganja, I'm sure you'll find some.

    When I went to school it took me like 10 minutes into the orientation to find people with weed, I just was having a conversatino with some people while smoking cigarettes with them and straight up asked "You know where I can get bud around here?"
  3. College parties always have weed...just find the kids smoking and ask where they got it
  4. there is always someone with herb or someone who can take you to smoke some herb at college parties.
  5. yes ask people smoking cigarettes. ive met so many people who smoke pot simply because they were outside smoking cigs at the same time. plus all the cool kids smoke cigs anyway so hang out with them anyway. Oh, also, usually specific frats have reputations as "stoner" frats. seek them and yee shall find.
  6. go to a party

    if u see someone smoking bud

    ask them

    don't just go around asking random people

    be smart

    not sketchy

  7. said like a pro +rep
  8. there you go.
  9. Yeah dude.

    Well personally i got introduced to my dealers thru friends i already knew, but honestly.

    Just find the kids smokin joints, you might have to look out back and shit, alot of kids dont smoke in the middle of the houses.

    Then ask em where they got the shit, trace the trail back and find the dealer.

    Preferably get somebody who's ordered from the dealer before to introduce you. That way the dealer doesn't think your a cop. Or an informant.
  10. Dude, I've been up to Gvegas a couple times in the past week. We got some straight beasters once and then tried finding some dank. My boys that we chill with didn't have any connects with some headies or anything. We just found someone sellin' some straight middies for like 75 a half O. This friday night me and another dude are rollin' back up there to party and shit but I hope we find some dankness.
  11. well i went to 3 frats last night, not a soul smoking weed. wtf? i asked multiple times people that was sure were stoners but n one could help me out.


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