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Asking for a hit

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Nahhh, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. Is it ok at like a music festival to walk up to a group of people smoking and be like "Hey can i hit that?"
  2. Normally if someone asked me that I would 100% let them him whatever I was smoking...but I guess everyones different man.
  3. haha ya dude thats straight, just walk up to them and be like yoo theyre all prolly baked and stuff so easy convo haha then just be like hey can i get in on this hahahaha normally it shud work
  4. I guess it is acceptable, but there are nice ways of doing it. Like offering them a few dollars or something.
  5. yes but only take the ONE hit you asked for
  6. depends on the attitude of the asker imo...and thats coming from a guy who passes out free joints at the bar he frequents....if some dude/chick comes up to me like a fucktard, hell no....anyone coming up straight and cool, we be good...:smoke:
  7. Most of the time when I'm in that sort of situation ill ask if they want to match, the only other time that I do this when I don't have bud is if its a group of friends.
  8. Well if some random came over to me and asked, hell yes i would share.
    Stay high :smoke:
    Oh and be polite, maybe offer them a bit of money for a good smoke ? :)
  9. I would share :smoke:

    Just don't be annoying about it >>
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    Personally i would never let a complete stranger just come up and hit my pipe.

    I mean with this world god knows what type of sickness/disease you can catch by just sharing a hitter with a stranger that just comes up to you asking for a hit at a concert. Plus there runs the risk of that person turning out to be a cop looking to bust you.

    And also, a "hit" to some people is different compared to others. Like i have smoked with people who have cornered the bowl like they are supposed to and what i expect.

    But on the other hand, ive smoked with people who just straight up light the whole bowl no matter the size. You wouldnt know what to expect from a stranger at a concert. And that is not what i want with a bowl of my headies.

    Weed is definitely not free, and to be honest i would just say "nah man this is all the bud i have" if someone came up to me and asked me for a hit. Dont get me wrong, i always smoke out my buddies for free all the time basically every day. But in return, when im out of bud they smoke me out. So its a favor being returned.

    But to basically give out free hits to strangers at concerts for no reason at all? Doesnt sound like a smart plan to me ;)
  11. With me you better wait to be invited or you are going to get a very unpleasant response. I've lived in too many cities perhaps where there are pan handlers on every block or maybe I just don't like to be approached like that but to me, it's rude.
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  13. back up i ain't even hit the mothafucka yet *exhales cloud*
  14. I'm sure they would give you a hit :p I have no problem with people asking for hits it's just when they say they'll take one and they take 3 huge ones. Ahwell what can you do:rolleyes:
  15. If I was smoking a J outside and some dude walked up to me and asked "Hey dude, can I hit that shit?"

    I'd feel obligated to share. :smoke:
  16. Iv been on both sides of this a few times, for example once i was at a concert and me and a buddy lit a joint of kush (youll see....) now bear in minds we werent the only ones smoking pot. After a few hits we start to hear alot of people mentioning the smell of kush we kinda laughed and continued to smoke, than some one whom apparently has a very good nose sniffed us out and asked if ours was the kush he smealt, we said yeah and smiled, so he offered me twelve dollars in change for him and his buddy to sesh with us, i happily invited him in than used the money to buy drinks for everyone:hello::hello:
    Or once when I was in school i was walking home through a forest trail and there was this couple smoking, maybe 18 or 19 ( bear in mind i was 15 at the time) and as i passed i told them it smelled good and they asked if i wanted to join :D sauntered on over and smoked a bowl of his weed in his pipe and than i busted out my joint i was about to light and smoked it with them:hello:

    Good times good times
  17. To share or not to share, that seems to be the question.

    Sharing a number, or a bowl, with someone has always been one of the greater joys of being a toker, IMO.

    When I was younger I would go to the clubs/bars where I would duck outside to keep a buzz going.

    Someone would always notice or catch whiff and ask if I would share.

    If they were cool about it and not an ass I'd share.

    Heck it might make their whole evening better.

    I know it made mine better a couple of times, but those times it was a young lady asking if I would share.
  18. When I saw Muse in Chicago last March, there was a dude in front of me chiefin' blunt after blunt. Well, I stared at him, and when he glanced at me, I looked at him with a really optimistic "HEY I WANNA" face, and he passed it without saying a word. Score.
  19. in the words of my ***** wiz: "guy walk up askin to take a hit, little do he know dats a garanteed way to get skipped"
  20. its ok to do it
    breakin bread brotha. if u so stuck up that you cant share tha green with anyone, u need to kill yaself

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