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asking dealer for weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by huhwtfisthis?, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. I'm new to Grasscity, just made my account to ask this question.
    I haven't been smoking for even a full year yet, and when I do get bud i get it with friends who have been smoking for a while. a few weeks ago i went with a friend to get some weed from his dealer. I'm out of weed now and got this dealer's number from my friend, but I don't think the dealer will know who I am and I'm not really sure how to ask, all i know is that this guy prefers if people text him.
    just wondering if some of the more experienced tokers can help me out. :smoking:

    PS: sorry if i put this thread in the wrong place, Im new here and don't really know what the hell I'm doing haha
  2. I wondered the same thing.

    Just ask your friend what he does - I made sure to know weather I should use euphemisms or just talk about weed blatantly.

    However, naturally now that I want to get some weed every dealer my friend knows has dropped off the face of the earth :mad:
    I've been calling around for a week now and haven't found any... I used to get smoked up like once a week, now that I want to smoke MYSELF up I couldn't get weed if my life depended on it...
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    Get your friend that knows the guy to call him and give him a heads up that you're gonna call. Should be good from there, then you can start your own Dealer-Client relationship.

    I wouldn't text him at all, or call him before your friend does. Lots of dealers and figuring out that text messaging Can and Will work agasin't them. For this reason, they insist on not saying anything incriminating or talking about weed at all on text messages.

    If you send him a text, he could freak out and not respond to it, or respond and insist you have the wrong number. Either way, he's not gonna be answering from that number again, DON'T TEXT HIM.

    If you really want to text him, wait until your friend calls, then call him and ASK if it's okay to text him.
  4. just tell him who your friends with n ask if hes busy n a text
  5. Call him up, let him know who you are, then let him know you were referred to him by a friend, and you were wondering if you could pick up some of that fine green. Simple as that. ;)
  6. Just call him up and be like, hey man im ted jones and im a friend of saul goodman whom you should know. He told me you would be the right person to talk to about scoring some green man. Are you cool man?

    If he goes along with it then your all good, if he starts questioning you and arguing then he isnt going to give you shit. Either way your no worse off then you are now so give it a shot.
  7. Just be like I'm yada yada's friend, came here another time to buy stuff once. Got any of the good stuff?
  8. You need to text him with something along the lines of.

    "Yo I am <you> and I'm a good friend of <your friend>, I met you last Thursday when we came by.. and he said I could hit ya up, can I swing by?"

  9. this^
  10. IMHO I wouldnt do any thing that has been mention so far. CJX advice was good if you have to do it that way. This is the way i would do it. I would tell your friend to call dude or text him. I would have my friend say: Is it cool if me and my boy come over. Once you get there you should introduce your self and say the weed is for you. You should then make the deal. You should tell him how much you want weight it out and pay him. Then you smoke with him out of your stash a bong or bowl. While smoking say i hate middle men can i just come to you when iam in need. That way he knows your not a cop bc you smoke and some what trusts you. Get his number from him and ask him do u want me to call or text. Make sure to take scales when you buy that way he knows not to rip u off in the future. dont take anyone with you when u make pick ups. It is not cool to bring random people to your dealers house with out telling them first.
  11. thanks to everyone who answered, I went with Sinister's idea, turns out the guy doesnt have anything at the moment so now I'm pissed. Guess I'll have to go lookin somewhere else
  12. It usually helps if your friend will put you on with his dealer. IMO i wouldnt just call the guy up and say "hey im so and so and my friend bought pot from you the other week. can you hook me up too ???" If he is smart he would play it off like he didnt know what you were talking about. If your friend is cool with it have him properly introduce yall and let him know you would like to get hooked up from time to time and if you could give him a call. IMO its always better this way. stay green, peace....
  13. Dude for real? Just hit him up. As someone who used to deal a shitload of weed I never minded someone calling me that got my number from someone legit. If the dealer likes your buddy, he will be chill with you calling. Worst that can happen is he gets sketch and says no, in which case go somewhere else. Easy.
  14. never text. I almost got caught for a friend asking me if he could have weed. I told her that person kept pranking me
  15. Damn you dug this thread up.. it's 3 years old haha
  16. Just be like yo man whats up its me ())()()( so and soes friend lol and then obviously if hes not stupid he'll be like ohh this kid probably wants some and will ask you what you need or something like that lol

    or just ask him if he has it up...
  17. [quote name='"huhwtfisthis?"']thanks to everyone who answered, I went with Sinister's idea, turns out the guy doesnt have anything at the moment so now I'm pissed. Guess I'll have to go lookin somewhere else[/quote]


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