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  1. Can/should i use H2O2 in any way for my plants if I top feed? I use coco and canna coco nutes. I just harvested the tops of my plants but have left the bottom half cos I didn't lollipop quite enough and my scrog canopy was super dense. Now i'm left with a few ounces of unripened buds and exposed stem cuts. Not sure whether to foliar, add to top feed or just leave it out entirely.
    Suggestions from anyone who is EXPERIENCED with H2O2 much appreciated.
    H2O2 i've got is Growth Technology Liquid Oxygen 12%.
    (I also have liquid silicon)
  2. I'm not experienced with any of this. I have red mixed opinions about using h202. And I have not heard anybody recommend foliar feeding during flower
  3. My first grow I'm using a cococoir mix and have seen the same thing. No issues yet. Maybe add a little cococoir on top to cover them and moisten.

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  4. Fucking amazing Ed great write up just read the whole thing and I learned some new stuff, love it! Thanks for passing on the info seriously man

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  5. Twas Ed who led me down the road to growing in coco. I just wanted to post to thank him.
  6. What is it? 9 years later and this guide is still helping newbies like me get going! You two are awesome! Thank you. I hope you're both doing well.
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  7. High Ed. I recently went full ebb and flow fill and drain buckets. Girls are flipped and I was running 1050ppm and 6.2 ph. All good. Checked ppm today and it was -37ppm. WTF. Meter is accurate with tap water. Time to flush but is that normal. I’ll be pulling up a chair if you don’t mind. Thanks

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  8. Anybody use an sensi bloom coco? I have been using it and full strength seems like its too much. Even for 5 ft tall plants in 7 gallon containers under 1000 watt hps. Anyone else have experience with feeding? And maybe have figured out you only need 75 percent of full strength or something like that?

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  9. Sorry. Didnt mean to post here

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  10. amazing guide!!!
  11. Hi and sorry if this has been asked already:

    I charged my coco, but don’t need it just yet, so is it safe to store for awhile?
  12. Just read through this, and it was very much appreciated. Flushing was where I was at with this grow and this helped. I also realized I had a mag deficiency, this is all due to not flushing and too light of a feeding schedule. Thanks ED!!

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