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  1. I have a question,
    I'm using tap water growing in coco, my tap pm is 100. Do I still need to use calmag, and if so how much per gallon?

  2. Yeah..well Ed did do a super job on this read.
    I think we all grow with Coco!! isn't that right Snow Crash?! lol I have only done done 3 crops so far but i have finally got it figured it out. Part of my problem I was reluctant to treat it more like a hydro grow after growing in dirt for so long it's hard change it up, also didn't realize the lack of nag and calcium

  3. Good point

    Anytime your plants get all nutes and such from the water, and not the medium, you are in hydro...coco is passive hydro. No pumps , moving water. Hand watered hydro is still hydro.
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  4. I keep having trouble with my clones they all look like shit I get them to root and after i transplant them into coco they go bonkers
    I have brown dead tips some yellowing and rust spots and they do not grwo everyone keeps telling me to just give water the first week but canna coco says to never use plain water with there coco what should I do ?
  5. I personally give then nutes as soon as I put them in just not full strength and bottom feed
  6. what are you cloning them in ? I still use the old jiffys for clones . 98% success. Once I see roots I put them in 70-30 perlite . I water them with either 0.4 ec . Or something like Rhizotonic. You need to gauge how well they look and how the roots are.
  7. I am using root riots
  8. yeah don't know that one. I use a product called Nutriboost . B vitamin and seaweed concentrate. Also spray the leaves with Canna Rhizotonic. Works great.
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    A clone is much different than a seedling being that it comes from a mature plant which means it can handle a average feed. I do all the cloning for a dispensary and have taken 10's of thousands of clones.

    Personally i do as follows.

    I clone in root riot plugs with hortus IBA 20% water soluble salts and top spray with 1.2ml of capsil per gallon as a surfactant.
    Once rooted, place into your coco, i personally start them out in 4x4in nursery squares.
    Immediately upon transplanting into the squares, I feed them with 3tbs of fox farm grow big per gallon.
    I also give them 5ml of botanicare calmag per gal of water and have strong, fast growing clones.

    Good luck bud.
  10. Brand new to growing and to the forum.

    I have a seedling, I need to transplant it to a bigger pot. I have been reading up on coco/perlite mixes, I'm wondering if transplanting between mediums is possible. Right now I'm just using soil and fox farm nutes.
  11. Can someone please explain why we bother adjusting the PH of out nutrient solution if the coco is just going to make it swing up anyway?
    I have look everywhere trying to figure this out and nobody seems to address this seemingly obvious question,

  12. Great write up Ed, wish I would have seen it a couple months ago But I've came along pretty decently with it.

    Jugsnugs, you shouldn't have much prob some run it mixed it comes in alot of soils. I ran a pinch of ocean mixed in with seedlings while I got used to it.

    KillGeorgie, One the plants need a decent ph'd solution so they will even take it up and I'd guess to keep a Balance in the medium.
    Mine stay pretty even and w in a couple points I had one go whack for a bit but I had a prob. So far coco has been pretty decent for me I feed n water moderately and they grow.

  13. I understand that a particular PH range is needed for nutrients to be available, my question is why we bother PHing to 5.8 if your coco is going to change it to 6.1+ anyway? Why not save my PH- and run the solution at whatever the nutrient solution adjusts it to? Will the coco give up ions but not receive them? If that is true then how is cation exchange possible?

    I grow with coco just fine. I follow the standard rules and, (like XRM Perf said), they grow. I am, however, interested in knowing WHY we do what we do. I was hoping someone could explain in finer detail what is going on with the wacky ass PH thing that coco does. Why does it make our water/nutrients swing the way it does? Why serve a steak if the person is going to grind it to a hamburger? Just give them the damn hamburger and save the money!

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    I hear ya, wish I could give ya a better answer but i have no clue I know very little and actually in my ignorance have been ph'in at 6 - 6.2 and get back around the same. ( besides the one that liked 7 for a few weeks?)

    I'm wondering peoples opinions on coco.
    I haven't grown in almost decades (kids n stuff) and not much in a decade or so before that so this is all new to me.

    I've been using the sunleaves expand o bricks most haven't been to bad but some have been real dusty and I think id like it a bit more hairy and or chunky ?? ??
    should i get RO birds nest or chunks to add ??
    or one of there mixes ?:
    The mother earth line looks decent also, my local store are great guys and would get what I want they are a sunlight supply store but mainly only stock the sunlight and cyco the cyco might be nice but is $$$ I may spend it if is worth it but would rather not spend a extra 8 - 10$ a bag I'm a broke broken person.
    did a coco search earlier

    If anyone is real nice to ck out there pearls to suggest sum decent chunky ones it would be much appreciated

  15. I have only used Roots Organics. I haven't used the medium and course type, but they are all the same price, which is like $12 for a 5kg brick at HTG Supply. I found this to be more affordable than buying decent soil, rockwool, hydroton or any other hydro medium.

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  16. Great guide! :)
    I've been using coco a while and recently cut a corner on buying a cheaper coco brick ( Ugro XL ), upon expanding it with RO water + Calmag, I realised a strong odour coming from the coco, has anybody else had this? It smells almost Pesticidal/Chemical, Its not so unpleasant but its far from the fresh earthy smell i get from Canna coco. TIA :)

  17. KillGeorgie, yes it is pretty reasonable but adds up when a buncha babies all need more fore the much bigger pots they need plus the pearl etc & i'd like to get at least a few fabric type pots too on top of everything else just started back up after a couple decade break.

    Pl4nK, everything ive used had that great earthy smell, I've just seen a couple that had bit too much dust but that was prob my luck mot where decent.

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    Agreed. Its the perlite that kills me. Still better than buying sunshine mix or FFOF

  19. Bigger pots they need? I am. Not certain what you mean

    I grow 4 foot plants ( all the vertical room I have) in ten liters of coco/perlite

    When using soil, I was never able to do plants so large in buckets so small . I used buckets twice that size
  20. Yeah the pearl too, the Wifey won't let me forget that LMAO

    Raven, there in 1 and 1.75 El Cheapo old nursery pot i put a more holes in and the pushing out over the top.

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