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  1. Your using maxiBLOOM?  Are you under a 12/12 light cycle on that small plant?  If you are 12/12, no biggy, but if you are still 18/6+ the problem could be WHAT you are feeding it.  I thought MaxiBloom was for plants In the flowering stage.  If you are 18/6 and looking to grow it bigger before flower, you need to be giving it a growth fertilizer high in Nitrogen and not so much Potasium and Phosphorus. 
    The plant also seems to look overwatered.   

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    been dealing with this for about a week. i transfeered four clones into coco but put three back because of serious issues that are unknown to me. i followed cannas direction using tap at 193 ppm. that did not work there was serious curling and yellowing so i used ro water with cal mag and nothing happened very slow growth. at the same time the soil plants are out doing the coco. im thinking about switching back because this stuff is giving me serious problems putting me behind weeks in schedule. the ph is 5.7-5.8. the total ppm was 683and the temps are at 74-76 under leds. works perfect in soil but the coco this is all im getting: And no the plant is not flowering the strain does that ive had it for 9 months and clone and veg under 24hrs its just in the plants genetics to try on last time to get prego in clone stage because it thinks its over. are there any experts who can chime in? 

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    Please advice on my grow..newbie..second attempt killed a barneys blue cheese followed the instructions on nutes you live and learn...would like/badly need first real grow, in coco n perlite under 400 watt digital hid dual spectrum dimmed to 250 and boosted to 270 will give em full 400 watt and boosted to 475 on change over. Ph,ed 5.8 water with quarter strength (increasing) a+b and rizitonic, area Is 1.5 x1.5 x 2m, loft temps 23 hot but it has gone down to 10 degrees in dark ? To cold? .Are they growing slow? Would be nice to hear from some experienced growers on here, newbee to the site and growing..thanks in advance anything is appreciated. First pic is 11/11 last is 22/12 there is one that has a problem I believe I burnt it watering leaves..only place where it has burned despite the whole plant getting wet thanks again

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  4. Hi pal. Well this my first go with coco and I'm using a dripper system with airpots.
    Well I'm not a professional but I do have much experience I have done a fair few grows myself and learnt from my mistakes.
    On this grow I'm on i just using pure canna coco professional. Everything is looking sweet at the moment although I think maybe like you added some perlite. As it's holding water but to be honest i am not having any problems what so ever.
    I defo no that the problem you are having is that your temps are running way to low at lights out. The plants use the energy absorbed by the light in the day and use that to grow in the night. Don't get me wrong they do grow in the light but just not as much. The ideal temp in the day is around 25 I always alow 3 degrees either way. But lights out (your dark period) should never go really below 18 degrees. I had the same problem and the guy at the shop told me that it's like us, if we are cold it's harder to work and as they work more to grow in the dark period so they still have to be kept warmish.
    What is your humidity levels in your veg period? Both light and dark as they do change?
    I would advise getting another timer and a little radiator you can grab them from poundstrecher b and m places like that for 25 quid. They are called oil filled about 800 w you want and then set it to come on when your lights go out. Keep ajusting it until it hits the 18 degree mark and keeps it at that. They have a little thermostat so a just it to right setting then you can save electric. Hope this has helped happy growing pal. They look healthy so far ill post some pics up of mine for you to look at.
  5. These are them on veg at first. I'm also in a loft as you can see. Did you insulate all your walls and what reflective sheeting are you using pal?
    I'm going to take some recent pics and post them up they much bigger now and on flower. I have 3 rooms in my loft one for starting them off with a giant 300w cfl pics will show you. One veg room and one flower room this way I can keep a constant cycle. All my rooms are insulated and light sealed. Your plants have to be in complete darkness when lights out this is very important as you will stress and confuse your plants and they can turn hermie. VERY IMPORTANT I must stress. If you need to go in the room when dark you can get a torch with a green light as the plants can't see it. But I strongly recommend not to interupt them in the dark. Please don't hesitate to ask me anything like I said I'm not a pro BUT I do no my shit hahaha take care pal.

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    Hi thanks for advice..I had a wee thermostat heater you can see in one of the pics.. it broke..ive a little tube heater in there but wont keep it at that temp..heater with therm and no light on shopping using underfloor insulation board its reflective 18 quid wickes think I might need another layer... . Do you think I've harmed them with the cold..yet setup looks great..going to make sure the tube heater is on full, still need to get scrubber and fan.. Iv also a small space for veg CFL 300 watt, any advice appreciated..I cant get my head round ec or water im using tap that's been sitting for 24 hours + with nutes and ph everytime but ive no clue about ec ,where do you get water if not from the tap? Its light proof pros and cons with loft grow re get it dialed in, Il keep posting pics.1x barneys critical Kush,1x barneys Acapulco gold, 1x elemental seeds trueberry and 1x CH9 seeds blue lemon Thai. ,

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  7. Humidity varies between 46 and 52 although I don't know what dark readings check that out also..
  8. Well looking at your set up pal it looks good what I did for insulation is I went B and Q and got this roll insulation it's like bubble wrap but with silver either side. I wrapped my entire room twice then finally wrapped the lot with black and white sheeting. I think white is better than the mylar and all that reflective shite. It stops hot spots and is generally just BRIGHT! at this time of the year it's freezing outside so it's important to keep your girls warm. But not to warm. Like I have said 25 is perfect so your aim is that. And 18 at lights out no lower. You won't have damaged them at all they will just be cold and have a very slow growth rate. You can really tell the difference if you get the temps right. They say that it's 80% environment 20 percent feed and water. SO this is how I control it. I have a little hole well about 6 inch by 6 in the bottom corner that will allow fresh air to come in I'd advise having your fan above the hole as that will blow the fresh air onto the plants. Then either a extraction fan sucking all the hot air out of your room. That would be best right at the top as heat rises.

    Humidity on veg should be around 80% I no this may be hard but what I did is just get a humidifier as you will see on my pics in front of the fan blowing damp air to your plants. I also have a co2 bag that I put behind my fan giving the plants air they actually breath.
    Oh but when your plants are on flower you want to keep your humidity below 50 as if it's to high you can get bud rot and damping off.
    Your ph should be around 5.8 to 6.0 through out the whole grow.
    To be honest the first grow I did I didn't do the ph ec temps humid none of that shit and i got an amazing grow using biobizz all organic soil and all the nuets. and that was in a tent and the humidity was sky high in flower like 85 to 90 o just couldn't get it down but I still got 3 oz a plant hahaha. So just goes to show you can have a good grow without all the fucking about lol.

    Rite as for ec don't worry about it pal as long as you stick to your growing guide on how much feed to use you will be fine. All it is is that when you add all your nuets into your water in your tank or bucket. You stick in a ec trunction and it tells you what the ec is the more feed you add the more the ec will go up as if your giving your girls a full on feed at the highest dose if the ec is like 2.8 it's to hight it needs to stay at 2.2 at the most and like 1.4 at the least. Like on the bottles it will say add 1 to 3 ml per litre 1 being the lowest when your girls are small and 3 at highest when your girls really are hungry and full on growing at the peak either in flower or veg.
    It's bollox really just keep to your schedule and you be fine. Hope this helps you buddy oh what nuets are you using?
    Your setup looks perfect just remember that hole to let in fresh air and to extract the hot air. Environment is key to a perfect grow mate I always use a metal hilide for veg. Cfl to start them and a hps duel spec for flower that way they get the best of both worlds. Hahaha I could go on for hours lol but the misses is moaning lol. I'll bang some pics for you of mine now this is the healtyst grow I have done the plants look absolutely amazing not a yellow leaf in site. I have to hand water the big ones to top them up due to a mistake at the start I did lol that's why 2 are bigger than the other lol. This bubblegummer I can't wait for apparently the bud smells like that pink bubblegum ust to get think it was bubbleishous I CANT WAIT. Let me no how you get on mate and if you need any help on out l. I'll be happy to help buddy. I'll find the pics of my first grow with no ph and ec and all that crap lol looks amazing. Catch you later buddy
  9. So exighted they look amazing so healthy hope you can work the pics out ill have to take some of the intake hole to show you if you didn't get what I ment what you think have you any tips for me?

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    Looks good man..only advice would b to maybe plant yet seed wee bit deeper, I had a few come out seed still attached, planted seed little bit deeper and That stopped not using perlite? any reason? Have intake and outake just waiting for inline..
  11. Only 1 thing gets me tho.
    Ph in the last 10 days of flush.
    Is it supposed to be higher than 5.8 for proper absorbsion.
  12. A lot of experience coco growers I know don't pH for the last flush
  13. I use plant magic flush with just water for last 2 weeks that way you don't have to alter the ph
  14. I'm qt. way into your info and I have too say, thank you much info more than I expected by far

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  15. Hello,
    I am having difficulty finding a reliable answer to my question(s) maybe someone here can help.
    I want to pre-charge my coco first so it won't try to strip the cations from the soil and cause instability. I have designed my own 'water only' soil recipe meaning I won't have to feed it.  After the initial charge I won't have to worry about it as the soil will stabilize all the cation sites naturally.
    Does anyone have a proper charging solution? I've seen posts where people have used a 1/8-1/4 strength nutrient solution but the specifics or results were never shown or explained.If this is the case would it be appropriate to use a low strength mixture of Earth Juice Oily Cann, Microblast and Godsilica? Would you expand the coco in the nutrient solution?
    All help is appreciated but concise and specific information is GREATLY appreciated.
  16. Mate, have you asked over in the organics forum? I know for sure there are quite a few knowledeable folks over there that should be able to help you out. A couple of them really know their stuff when it comes to soil chemistry.
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    are you sure 680+ ppms are safe to be feeding such a small plant? and did you give them the full dosage that canna says you should? you should always start with a quarter or half dose and see how the plant reacts, then ramp it up only if you need to. 
    flush them with pH'd water. let them dry, re=feed a half or quarter dose of nutes only. see where that gets you.
    also when you flush them, collect some of the flushed water and get a pH reading on that (you may need to leave the meter in for a minute for it to stabilize). it will give you a better idea of the actual pH of your coco. if your pH is low try adding garden lime.
    How are those aeration pots treating your root zone?

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