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  1. Clay pebbles work but I think sum thing like perlite in the mix would help dry faster at least when I did a run on coco with it took on average 3-4 days to dry out 5gal bucket in flower
  2. How long would U recommend cooking a simple coir mix of 75% coir 25% perlite worm castings and dolomite lime?

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  3. I would say at least 2 weeks make sure u have enough cal/mag if using led it sucks that stuff out hard
  4. thanks man was gonna go 15 day minimum so yeah 2 weeks. Running MH and HPS 400 watt

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  5. I'm sure this has been covered but I didn't read through the entire thread. When hand watering should ph be done after adding nutrients or before? Also any recommendations on transplanting soil clones into coco? Thanks. Can't wait to get started
  6. When I did coco I always ph after nutes and if using advanced nutrients ph perfect if u mix rite sumtimes don't have to use but whatever u do always add cal/mag first and using coco I just took cutting and popped in coco and that's it but aloe gel n sum rooting powder probably would help but enjoy coco iw great but I just went organic for ease and taste and cleanliness of smoke
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    can anyone say whats wrong with these plants
    straight coco
    watered once with rain water when i planted it then skipped a day watered again with aired out tap
    someone said overwatered and hungry so i sprayed  qtr strength nutes onto it. when should i water next
    im using qtr strenght maxibloom right now
  8. Too wet....dry out for a few days...mix in some perlite 25% worth will help...
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    hi Ed's. thanks a lots for all the info. am new to grass city . and it 's my first time growing. i was using deep water cultivation. but ran into a lot of problem. and after reading about coco coir of growing it is possible to transplant my plant into coco coir and the plant are fully grow it's in first week of bloom? or any suggestion ? thanks a lots
  10. Hi ed I'm wondering if you can help. Transplanted 12 sour diesel and 12 purple mr nice into plastic cups almost 2 weeks ago. Half are straight coco and half are coco with a slacker mixture but the all have the same problem. All the leaves seem too keep wanted to turn really pale green almost yellow. I watered with ph water for the 1st watering and then the next 2 added canna coco a and b and cannazyme. Last watering I did the same but added calmag. I can't figure out what the problem is

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  11. Don't kno bro def don't think its not over water now but I'm lost bro
  12. I have a quick question guys. to be safe i want to flush my botanicare coco coir; can flora clean be used to do this before i use the coco? i was going to put portions in separate pots and just flush them
  13. some people say never water coco without feeding, don't flush it just use it comes prep, but you may want others advice first
  14. yeah im hearing that sometimes its way too salty to use out of the bag due to lack of quality control. im using botonicare.

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