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Asked for a re test for pre employment drug test so I didn't go

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Whatsmyname123, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. I took a pre employment dot drug test the other week. I used quick fix synthetic urine and everything went fine, temp was good and the sample was shipped to the lab. Almost a week later I got a call from the lab telling me there was something interfereing with the test and I would have to come in for an observed re test. I knew I couldn't pass so I told the company I no longer wanted the job and didn't re test. Will this go towards me as a refusal when looking for other jobs or will in not effect me because I wasn't employed there yet?
  2. You should be fine. Since you didn't work there yet it doesn't need to be discussed in an interview with a different company.
  3. I had already signed the offer letter and w4s and all that stuff, still fine? And also, any idea what could have went wrong on the test?

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  4. Some more advanced tests can tell what fake piss is. Some can even tell if you use a different persons urine on the next test. I mean... if you don't put it on a resume and don't mention it at the interview they're not gonna know
  5. Should have ordered the dehydrated urine, it's real and works without fail. You or the testing facility could have made a mistake, which is why they wanted a re-test. If they figured you were using fake urine, it would be a fail, they'd notify your employment and you'd be removed from your current/future hiring opportunities within the company.
  6. Should I be worried about using quick fix again for the next job? I have heard of a lot of people I know personally using it and haven't heard of anything wrong happening until me.

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  7. Is it different because it's a DOT federal test? Iv been seeing things online about it showing up on my dac report and I'm nervous that potential employers will know about this

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  8. I'm not too sure how the DOT works, but all pre employment drug screenings are covered under HIPPA law, meaning they cannot disclose your medical information without written consent. I would be surprised if it did go on your record, because you technically did not refuse the drug test, you simply found a better job.
  9. also signing an offer letter and filing out w4's does not mean you are employed, as I'm sure the offer was contingent on passing the drug screen, so therefore as far as paperwork is concerned this never happened.
  10. Well I only went to a different job because I knew I couldn't pass the observed test so I didn't go and told him I was gonna just not take the job. I think this is considered a refusal

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  11. If your prospective employer knew that was the reason I.E. you told him, or suggested that was the reason, then yes, unfortunately they would report you. As for that initial test, I would assume the samples were damaged during shipping, something a lab would never admit or disclose, and that's why they wanted a re-test. Its not a negative result, so as far as that one your totally fine.
  12. I was under the impression that all DOT tests were observed? Perhaps only in my state.
  13. No they only request observed tests when something is wrong with the first sample you gave them, so they can make sure the next sample actually came from you.

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