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asked a girl out, she said yes, now ignoring me

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by DerrickChief, May 27, 2012.

  1. Ok so a few weeks ago, I asked out this girl to dinner that I had worked with and was decently acquainted with, and she said yes. We didn't set a time because it was gonna be in the next week since we were both leaving for home for the summer. I texted her the next weekend asking when would be a good day and she said she was really busy and shed text me on her night off. A few days later I texted her again just to talk and she didn't text back.

    She seemed kinda sketchy when we talked on the weekend, she said she had been really busy looking for a job, then the next text she said well I already found a job and am starting training soon.

    Not sure what to do
  2. Stop! She will contact you. Remember how girls always complain "He never calls"? When you stop texting her, she will text you.
  3. she blew you off, i think it's pretty obvious. if it were important to her she wouldn't just ignore you completely. it takes 5 seconds to send a text and i'm pretty sure no one is ever that busy that they can't even reply.
  4. Time will tell, don't stress.
  5. Same thing happened to me not too long ago.

    Don't get your hopes up, wait for her to text you. If she doesn't and keeps acting sketch, time to move on.
  6. They don't like to tell you no when you ask them out because it creates an awkward situation for her...

    Of course it'd be more considerate for her to just be honest, but that's not what goes through most peoples' heads.

    When you get blown off, just forget about that one, and if she does hit you up, go ahead and go out and have fun. In the meantime, you just need to stop thinking about it, and stop texting.

    90% chance she just doesn't want to go out, and doesn't want to be honest with you about it.
  7. She blew you off dude

    No worries, there are plenty of fish in the sea, you just need to find a non bitch
  8. well my last cell phone was an old shitty cellphone (you know, the ones that fold) and texting was a fucking pain in the ass, so yes sometimes i was "too busy" (or didn't feel like wanting to destroy everything, because you passed the letter "b" while pressing "1" and then you have to pass again "c" "à" "1" "a", and it just took you 15 minutes writing "hi" )

    or other times i didn't have my cell on me, then I would find it next day to discover new texts such as "hey what are you doing tonight" but it was the next day and didn't feel like wasting 35 minutes to write "my cellphone was at home"

    so OP you should maybe consider small details like this, or maybe that she REALLY is busy, as it may happen to SOME people, sometimes :bongin:
  9. im pretty sure this it isnt 2001 anymore man, most people have keyboards on their phones now..

    but yeah dont bother her anymore, if she texts u then great.. but dont expect her to
  10. Call, don't text.
  11. texting is gay. phones were made for talking
  12. this was actually 2010-2011, i've never been the cellphone type of guy
  13. Don't try and contact her, and see what happens. Chances are she's not too interested, but who knows. Give it a little time.
    I've been blown off by a couple chicks in the same fashion. Texting does seem to be a common issue. If she doesn't get in touch with you, try calling the next girl instead.
  14. Yeah I'm not gonna pursue her, she has my number if she actually wants to do something she can call me. And by the way to the people saying call her, I tried twice and she didn't answer either time.
  15. the ball is in her court.

    there's no need to contact her. if she blows you off and you go nowhere, does it really matter?

  16. Same thing happened to me, then she texted me saying "I'm driving text me."

    So I called her out on her lie and said bullshit, she then said she was at dinner with her parents. I told her to give me a call before the end of the day. I never got a call.

    Then she tried to text me a week later and I just said "Who is this?"

    No time for indecisive, attention whores.

    I say move on.
  17. Find a girl that likes you more than you like her.
  18. My advice, freeze her out

    Don't contact her in anyways, even if she texts, ignore it

    You see her come work, just give her little attention

    Girls are like cats, you dangle string in front of them and they keep trying to get it. Once you give them the string, they lose interest
  19. I absolutely would, but I'm not going to see her unless we plan something, shes on the other side of the city.
  20. instead of the balls in her court.

    just make it so the girls
    come to your court. holler.

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