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Ask yourself.... Am i smoking dank?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by SmokersCough, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. After 2 bowls out of my bong i realized how loaded i am.
    This is out of a good friends garden.
    Strain is Kens Cut GrandDaddy Purple.
    Out of this fucking world.

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  2. that paragraph really shows how high that shit got you
  3. Ill tell ya man, im really really medicated.
  4. Good bud man.. Frosty
  5. Like the saying goes, If it aint white, it aint right. Applied to my bud standards.
  6. that looks like great smoke :smoking:
  7. just found out its grown in a 50/50 mix of sunshine blend/fox farm oceans blend plus 25% perlite. Nutes:dutch master, silica, zone, seaweed(granulated), molasses, beastie blooms, moab and kool bloom
  8. Looks good to me!

  9. You sure this isn't YOUR product??? lol

    Makes me miss growing just hearing the things you listed above.... been quite a while though.
  10. Well ill have sisters pretty soon for my new setup. Love growing.
  11. beautiful buds bro. but a bowl usually gets me ripped. :D:cool:
  12. Yea, my and the lady smoke 6-7 grams of kill a day. It takes a couple. :)

  13. haha i finally am too man :bongin: half an o of citrus over here..just picked up today

  14. i dont like that saying
  15. Theres usually 1 who doesnt. Let me mention im not a racist just like super fire

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