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Ask To Take Small Hits???

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 2PacalypseNow, May 20, 2010.

  1. Hey All,

    I've been reading the forum for a while and toking even longer, but i just registered so this is my first post. be nice.

    My question is, does anyone else ever ask those you are toking with to take small hits to make a bowl last longer? One friend of mine asked me to take small hits the other day while we were snowboarding, and i liked the idea. I mean, sometimes people take huge hits and the bowl gets cashed way too soon.

    I guess it comes down to if you think it is rude to ask for others to take small hits for the sake of a longer, less competitive session.

    Also, idk if there is a reason to take big hits other than greed/habit. do a lot of smaller hits get u just as baked as a few big ones?

    p.s. sorry if this is a repost, i've had great trouble using the search function on this forum
  2. The bigger the hits you take the more THC that enters your system at once, therefore the higher you get. Bongs work by cooling the smoke so its allows you to take huge hits and that's why they get you so baked.:smoke:
    Oh and welcome to grasscity!
  3. Dude just tell everyone to take it easy on the bowls... That's what I do, it leaves a nicer more social atmosphere rather then everyone getting as stoned as they possibly can.
  4. i feel u man. i've never really asked someone to take a small hit esp. when im smoking them out because i think it's a given. most kids i smoke with have nice bong ettiquet (sp?) though. i firmly believe in cornering the bowl so that the sesh can last longest, unless im by myself. then i take as big of hits as i want to get faded quickest.
  5. Yeah, If we want to get blasted we take out the bong... If we want to kick-back, chill, and relax, take out the pipe and pass it around for an hour or two.:smoke:
  6. the stoners i smoke with are pretty courteous. however, the non-stoners SUCK when i smoke them out! i guess they don't know any better but i still feel like a dick telling them to, for example, not instantly cough out a humongous hit.. a tear comes to my eye when i watch a big cloud of dank float away :(
  7. Asking someone to take small hits is bad stoner etiquette. I can understand if it was crack or somethin and you were down to the last rock. Other n
    The fatter the hit, the harder the stone. Are you new to bongs?

  8. In the particular case that occurred today, I saw a couple friends at the store and asked if they wanted to blaze. All of us usually have match, but today was unusual because they were coming from work (stashes were far away at home) and I had already smoked all but the last bowl of what I brought for the day (I no longer roll with weight).

    I'm all for getting higher, but for the single bowl we smoked together, I considered asking them to take smaller hits but ended up not, cuz like you said its just weed.

    As for bongs, first time I got high was with one, so i've been smoking them for as long as anything else i guess. lol those dudes I was talking about above have a dope blue bong that I have had many several gram sessions with under different circumstances.
  9. small hits, all day all night:smoke:
  10. I guess it just depends. For me, I encourage taking hits you're comfortable with. Not too big, not too small. But I like letting a bowl linger in a social atmosphere. The same goes for eating with people; why scarf down the food, when you're there to spend time with a friend? The food is complementing the experience, not making it. But, that's just my philosophy. I know a bunch of people that just want the bowl smoked as fast as possible, though. :confused_2:
  11. So I am in college and often times my friends and i smoked (twice a night lol). We were in the dorms so we didn't keep a bong in our smoking room, just a bowl. Every so often I would craft a homemade bong just for shits and gigs. I had been smoking longer than my friends, and they knew that I took big hits. They were kind of noobish and took smaller hits so i would always be much higher than them. We then bought our own bong from the local head shop. It was just standard clear glass and hit like a champ. They could finally see how big my hits were and after about a week they complained to me that my hits were way too big. Their way to combat this was to tell me that I either had to take smaller hits, or if there were 3 of us that night they would smoke two bowls together and then give me my own. Is this some shit or what? Would you fellow tokers have taken this nicely and just deal with smaller hits, or feel disrespected and get pissed and such?

    btw first post, i have often followed the boards but have never registered. I'm happy i did though
  12. I'm not going to lie to you.

    Usually when people ask me to take small hits, I'll go out of my way to cash the bowl.

    Even if it kills me, I'll make sure it's completely gone.
  13. Personally, if I smoked that much more than my buddies, I'd just offer to pay my extra share of the herb. That way no one feels like you're bogarting.
  14. I prefer taking smaller hits cause i dont like coughing my my lungs out and it makes smoking a much more relaxing experience over all.,Most of my friends are stoners though and we all usually take the same size hits, but i do have a friend or two with vacuum lungs and they like to cash the bowl in one hit. With bongs though its usually a game to see who can take the biggest hit and clear it without cough their lungs out right away haha.
  15. Well we always bought by the quarter or half oz but we sold enough to make our money back in full. In a major party college everyone is looking for bud. So it wasn't even like we were paying for it at all. They were just novice smokers and weren't used to big hits. By novice smokers i mean that coughing was a normal thing for them, they didn't know how to roll, and one of them hadn't smoked before we went up to college. They were just stingy i felt like

  16. This. I don't mind if they're new to it and they cough and accidentally let go of what they just sucked in (mostly I see girls doing that) because of that, but I hate when I'm smoking with someone and they don't inhale properly/don't inhale at all.
  17. I've never done it, but my stingy friend often does, I'm about to de-friend him because of it, he's getting ridiculous with it, he supplies the weed once every 5 sessions or so and is still a stingy fuck.

  18. well i wouldn't de-friend anyone because of weed. It just isn't a good enough reason, and it makes it seem like weed runs your life. But then again i dont know your situation. Just a thought no offense intended
  19. #19 4Cave2man0, May 20, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 20, 2010
    Cornering a bowl? pretty much a given, but if you mean otherwise, idk, taking hits is a bitch move on my part unless you are a female, but thats just my thoughts on the subject, do ya thing man

    re read my post I take it back I mean like if your some girl or dude that is not a frequent smoker my fault respect to all the ladies on Gc just been a little out of my head lately
  20. Thanks for the responses everyone. I don't think i'll ask anyone to take small hits unless it is a close friend and we have limited supply. sounds like the general consensus is that it is just downright rude. you have convinced me.

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