Ask them if they should have gone to jail.

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  1. Hey GC, a lot of government officials have admitted to using illegal substances. A lot of people supporting the war on drugs have admitted they tried illegal substances.

    They get the question, have you ever used illegal substance "X" and they don't really have cause to be thrown off of stumble, they can just say "Yea, when I was a kid I did a lot of stupid things" The public laughs it off with them and they say, "yea me too lol"

    But what I think needs to be done is to throw a real hardball at officials and ask...

    "Mr [President/Congressmen/etc.], you have admitted to being a drug offender in the past, but you have not be convicted, do you think you should have gone to jail or been convicted of a felony for you actions, like so many Americans are every year?"

    Just in case anyone here ever interviews anybody. I dunno just a thought that when talking to offiacials or news pundits, maybe we should really start busting their balls.
  2. Agreed, that would really stir up a dumbfounded look on their faces.
  3. That would really put a stupid look on their face.

    Especially those who push anti drug laws but have admitted to past drug use (not sure who.. jjust saying)

    You could ask them that if they thought they were a criminal and deserved to be in jail with other criminals, including very violent offenders.

    You could ask them if they were caught would they be in the position they are today.
  4. who's our first victim?? :D
  5. I would aim for President Obama :cool:

    ..buuuut since I can't get to talk to him, you decide :wave:

  6. "No, I would not be. Which is why drugs are bad: clearly if you get caught, it messes up your career, so we need stronger laws so fewer people do it."
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    I actually saw the title of the thread, but thought you'd legitimately be asking for Obama phone number, so I didn't click it lol.

    I thought about after I watched, American Drug War, The Last White Hope.

    We need questions that not only make famous people stir uncomfortably, but also the public, stir with them as they watch or listen.

    So people will think wow, you know that kid I knew got arrested for weed and where is he now? Wow, he got a felony? Are you serious? For weed? That could have been me.... I tried it, Where could I have gotten with a felony?

    Another question that could be asked : Mr. President, do you believe drug use is a criminal or health problem?

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