Ask Questions That Have Been Bothering You...

Discussion in 'General' started by MariaJuana92, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. go ahead. anyone can answer them.
    just ask what has been puzzling you
    whatever it be

  2. What is up with the girls saying that they can answer our questions today? Are you and Nyxierawr sisters?
  3. Are black dicks really as big as people say?
  4. You already asked that question in another thread lol.
  5. It wasnt asnwered....
  6. Is it mean to be annoyed by people who are kind of dumb?

    Like this girl on Facebook. The other day she posted, 'I want me a cheeseburger.' Then today she wrote, 'We starting to have a better understanding.'

    And it's like... Dude. Sometimes when I talk, I use slang or bring out a country feel but I'd never type that way.

    But I feel like maybe I shouldn't be so irritated because it's not her fault that she's dumb. I don't know.
  7. Sometimes i wonder how many people on GC hate me or wish I was dead.
  8. Literally everybody.
  9. If your girlfriend's sex drive has stopped, and you're looking at a pity lay every 3 months is it considered cheating to find a fuckbuddy if everything else in the relationship is good, just not the whole sex part?
  10. Why do birds
    suddenly appear
    every time, you are near?
  11. Why is it my thread vanished when this one was made?

    Awesome Opossum

  12. Yes it's still cheating.

  13. You said in a different thread that you are a model, what type of modeling do you do and can we see some work?
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    you can see some work on my tumblr at or my model mayhem
    I mainly do fashion and glamour sometimes beach wear
  15. >Checks out profile
    >See she checks out yes on shooting nude
    Favorite in my book.
  16. where the fuck is the dank!
  17. lol I don't do pornographic work.
    I recently turned down an offer from suicide girls
  18. Everywhere. :smoke:
  19. >Reads reply
    >Loses erection
    >Sees her again
    >Realizes she's still cute
    Still a favorite in my book.
  20. Why is weed illegal? It's so good, I want to phuck it (literally)but not really.

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