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Ask Probation Questions Here

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Onemistakeyourebaked, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. Hello,

    While some of us have been lucky enough to never get in trouble with the law, I myself was not so lucky and got supervised probation. I'm new here but looking through the forums I couldn't find much information on probation experiences except from the drug test forum but my questions didn't all fit there since that's for people trying to pass simple job drug tests too.

    Some questions I couldn't find answers too:

    - Has your PO ever shown up at your house? I know they're allowed to, but have they ever actually done it? So far mine hasn't. If they do show up, do they usually call first to let you know they're on their way?

    -Do you get called in for drug tests? If so how much time do you get before you're called in?

    -Are you normally only tested at meetings with your PO?

    -Are you completely clean? If not, explain your mystical powers.

    -Has anyone failed a DT on probation? Did you get your full suspended sentence, or what happened?

    Any other information or sharing of this horrible experience would be appreciated.

    I've been on probation for a few months, passed multiple drug tests at the beginning of it but haven't been tested since. I'm not seeing my PO for some time. I'm clean. I hate this life.
  2. I would put all my efforts into working towards early release.

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    Its going to be different for every jurisdiction and every probation officer. I'm one of the dumb asses that's been in lots of trouble spread all over the place. I've been on probation and parole. Been in jail and prison. I've had home visits from po's but not always. If it's in your paper work its a definent possibility. Same with drug tests, if it's in your papers its a possibility at any time. I've failed drug tests before. There's no definent answer to what will happen. Sometimes it's just classes you'll have to take, may extend probation, may land you in the clink or all of the above. Its different everywhere. Be smart and don't end up like me. Sometimes they'll give you a break in drug tests just to throw you off. Let you get comfortable w/ not taking them and then's a cup fill 'er up. Sometimes I would just be called in out if the blue and not at a regular meeting. Usually had 24-48 hours to report in or its a fail. I'll tell you 1 thing from my experience though, the worry isn't worth it. I was young and dumb. Spent many sleepless nights praying I wouldn't get dropped. Bro its just weed, lay off or risk the consequences. Your an adult and can and will be held accountable for your actions. Don't be the next guy in the drug test forum begging for someone to help you get cleaned out, be an adult and stay clean.
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    I spent a couple of years on probation for felony prescription fraud. The parole officer was so glad I showed as ordered and soon I was on unsupervised probation. I was having regular random drug testing to get my nursing license back, so the PO didn't have to do them. I don't know how long your probation is, but I stayed clean and so didn't have any worries about any of the things you mentioned for those two years. Take this time as an opportunity for a good t break. Stay clean, get your probation over with, then do as you like without fear of getting in more trouble. People who don't learn the lessons of legal trouble/probation etc. are likely to be repeat offenders. You did something to get you into the system so do the adult thing, do your time, and don't let it happen again. Good luck, mate. My two years flew by. My charges were dismissed, too, after I completed probation- didn't even have to go back to court. Best of all- no felony record so I can vote and carry a concealed handgun.

  5. Life's goal. Do they do that often?

  6. Thanks when you had home visits did they call you ahead of time or just show up out of the blue? Did they come at a normal hour (9-5) or in the evening?
    What happens if they call you but you're out of town (still in the state of course but visiting a friend or family and don't have a cell phone)?
    Of course the best thing to do is not use. But it isn't just pot. It's medicine for my mental/physical disorders that is being denied. I am of course trying to go to my doctors to get medicine that will help but everything prescribed to me is entirely useless while pot cured all four things that I have, 2 mental and 2 physical. I don't want to live in fear but I also don't want to live. Thanks for the help.
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    There again in depends bro. I've had scheduled and just dropping by. You're on papers bro, they got you by the balls for a bit (assuming you're a guy). The only way to get them to loosen their grip is jump through all there hopes. Dude it's not a life you want to live. You fk up and youre just going to be stuck in that circle over and over. I was in and out of the system for almost 30 years. 30 years I threw away and lots of it becuase like you, thought I needed to smoke weed. Its just weed bro. I grow and am on a voluntary t-break right now. Its easy. I'm not even setting a time. I'll smoke again when I feel like it. But back in the day I thought I needed to. Thought I couldn't function w/o it. I was just going and stupid and it cost me alot. If you have to go a year, go a year. You have the rest of your life to smoke. But if your on those papers you're always going to be dodging this shit. I've been on probation while growing and stayed clean. If course there was no home visits. Trust me man its a miserable road, way more miserable then staying sober for a bit.

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  8. Also if you're out of town it doesn't matter. I work on the road and had to make last minute arrangements to get home because for 13 of those 30 years I didn't have a license. Most probations don't allow you to go to far w/o special permission. Usually can't leave the state. Definetly not far enough to not be able to get home in 24 hours.

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  9. Released me at the halfway point through my sentence, and it's happened to other people I know. First offense, didn't give them any trouble, tested clean.

  10. And don't give them the no cell phone crap. They'll know your lying and that will just make them curious as too why. You're best bet is to be sober and straight with them. Get this behind you. Learn from it and move on. Theyve heard every story, every lie, this is their job and I highly doubt your the po's first proby. They can smell right through just about any pile of shit

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  11. How long is soon? And did you live in a crowded area or more country? My guess is that it would be easier to get off probation in a city since there's so many people but I am definitely trying to get off it early and have been doing everything I'm suppose to.

  12. What do you mean by "I've been on probation while growing and stayed clean. If course there was no home visits" ? So you grew while on probation only if you knew there would be no home visits? How would you know that, because your PO tells you or how? Thanks.

  13. The cops took my phone and never gave it back. So if I left my house and visited family or a friend for a week (staying in the state) when I'm not scheduled to meet with my PO and can't be contacted because they only have my home phone number, I could be arrested for that?I never saw any paperwork saying I couldn't leave (as long as I stay in state) so I'm generally curious if you're not allowed to leave town for more than a day without owning a cell phone...
  14. Its 2016 everyone has a phone. Probation doesn't care anyways it's you're responsibility to do what you're ordered to do. They don't take excuses. If it's part of your court order that you can be drug tested better make yourself available. No shows ate the same as failing. Like I said it's different everywhere rather you can leave the state. But if they say be here for tests you better be there for tests. We hat do you think they're going to do, just let you slide until you're clean enough...take it from me bro....won't happen

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  15. I don't have you're court papers in front of me. You do. Read them follow them. If it says you have to report for test then that's what you have to do. They know you're not going to go w/o a cell phone for long. Even if so they still have ways of dealing with it. Before I had a cell, often on probation they would do weekly phone ins. I don't know you're situation. But I do know probation has heard a million stories and they know how to handle it. You're not getting out of you're responsibility no matter how much crap you spoon feed them

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  16. Mate, I don't have a cell phone. I want my privacy and cell phones can be hacked, or confiscated by police even though they need a warrant to go into your phone. I don't want anyone tracking me through my cell phone.
    I never had home visits while on probation. Frankly my PO was so pleased I showed up consistently she took me off supervised probation and I just had to send in reports. I also stayed clean from all drugs while on probation and had random drug tests for other reasons. She got all that information. Two years clean was a small price to pay because I didn't have to worry about anything.

  17. I understand that man. He's looking for a way to get out of taking the tests. I keep saying I don't know his situation. You weren't allowed to skip drug tests were you? I also have a feeling you're not from the US by the use of the word mate. Things might be handled differently there but in the US if the courts order you to take drug tests, they don't take excuses. I never said they would only contact the OP by phone. However if random drug tests are in his papers there's no excuse that's going to be allowed. I've been on probation before there was even cell phones, they still managed. 1 way they handled it was mailing letters, the letter would give a certain date and not checking your mail or not receiving it wasn't an excuse. He's not getting out of the tests is all I'm getting at. 1 way or another if it's in his papers he will be responsible to take them.

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  18. So far the testing has been at appointed times which my PO tells me when I meet with him. I would never dream of missing a meeting. Honestly, I'm not even trying to hide away until I'm clean. I'm just wondering if I could use the shewhizz to pass. It seems like it would work if I used it at my meetings or got called in for a test. The only time I could see it failing is if I get an unexpected visit. I suppose I could just not answer the door and pretend I'm not home though.
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    I'm sure women would have an easier time. In Illinois its a felony. I know a guy that got caught with a wizzinator. Might want to check you're state laws. Or just stay clean and be a responsible adult. Its just weed. Personally I'll take a failed test over a felony any day
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  20. Did your PO tell you that they weren't going to do visits? Mine told me they just wanted some mail to prove I lived there, but I'm nervous that it could be a trick or something so I won't expect a visit.

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