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Ask Obama to legalize it!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MorningScifi, Jan 28, 2010.

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    Click the bar atop the YouTube homepage.

    You can now submit questions to the President! And you can also vote on other people's questions!

    I think this link might also take you to the correct page:

    Google Moderator

    SEARCH "marijuana" in the search bar and vote on EVERY question advocating for legalization and/or medical marijuana. I highly recommend everyone here does the same!

  2. people already did and he played it off as a joke but Obama does not have the power to just legalize it, he can only work to support it.. but because that it is not a priority right now for the nation it is not going to happen any time soon, he is more concerned about heath care and unemployment
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    Medical marijuana is a health care related issue; legalization has serious economic benefits.

    We should vote so that at least one marijuana-related question is considered. The latest Gallup poll showed a 44% support for marijuana in America. He can't ignore the issue forever. We should keep reminding Obama and our elected officials that we care.

    Marijuana legalization would help our poor economic conditions.

    - We'd make billions in tax revenue, combined with the SAVED costs of law enforcement.

    - Ceasing to imprison nonviolent marijuana 'criminals' would also save money.

    - Tens of thousands of marijuana and hemp-related jobs would also decrease unemployment.

    - Medical marijuana would ease the pain of thousands who are deathly ill and those who are allergic or have bad side-effects to all legal alternative drugs for their illnesses.

    - Police would spend more time preventing the production, use, and abuse of more dangerous drugs.

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