Ask Obama about marijuana!!! ABC News sunday interview

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  1. What Would You Ask Obama? - George's Bottom Line

    I sent in a nice detailed question on marijuana- i mentioned that 50% of 21-25 year old according to government's own statistics used marijuana last year and that obama himself used it and it cost the government over 14 billion dollars to keep this policy going and we need to stop arresting millions of americans

    i think if everyone can send it in clever/detailed marijuana questions, we may get to see this question in the news on sunday- depends if ABC has the balls to ask Obama.

    Please help this happen blades! i want to see this legalized in my lifetime:wave:

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    Great thread! +rep - sending a letter now!

    Here it is..

  3. no offense man...but just remember how he snaked out the last marijuana question back in march...he's on the strings in a major way i think

  4. if the interviewer is smart he can use all the facts and info we send him in the questioning process, if not at least it keeps the marijuana awareness going.

    we'll have to see how controversial the interviewer is, the guy could just be a straight news reported that sticks to safe question, but if he's risky maybe we can get a marijuana question on there :smoke:

    if a lot of people ask about this issue, there's a good chance they will ask something
  5. Health care is the big issue - so I figure that will be the focus of the interview:(
    That and he's good at laughing off #1 questions:mad:
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    I won't submit a question because I have 0 respect for ABC news.

    BUT here is a rock solid question for others to submit:

    The AMA (American Medical Association) openly supports medical marijuana and recognizes, as an official position, its medicinal benefits. Yet we are criminalizing health care by criminalizing medical marijuana. As part of health care reform, will you support de-criminalizing medical marijuana by the federal government, allowing patients low cost access to important medicine and removing the risks of bankruptcy and non-treatment due to potential prosecution? If not, why do you support imprisoning people who are seeking AMA-approved medical treatment, and exposing them to bankruptcy and non-treatment?
  7. I posted the following. No way they'll ask though.
    I would ask:
    "Mr. President, do you think that the Prohibition on Marijuana is a reasonable or sustainable course for our country to continue on? Given that it is likely that half of the young people who helped you get elected have used marijuana, do you find it conscionable to turn these otherwise law-abiding citizens into criminals?"
  8. oooh! very nice question. have you considered a career in journalism? I enjoy reading things like this instead of the tabloids we are bombarded with on a daily basis.
  9. Thank you.

    No, I would feel the need to take a shower every 15 minutes :devious:

    I've done a few things in public relations (ran PR for a business, an association, and done a lot of volunteer PR work for political campaigns), but I can only deal with journalists once every 2-4 years, so I've limited it to political campaigns.

    The key with a dicey issue like medical marijuana is asking the question in such a way that allows the politician to:
    1) See how to hit a home run with it and return to their talking points in the process, which is all they really want to do is repeat their talking points (so, to help the politician answer the question, we include their talking points: health care reform, doing what the AMA says is good, people are going bankrupt because we don't have health care reform, etc
    2) See how to hit a home run without shooting himself in the foot. Since we haven't asked him a question that will trap him ("Why don't you support those sick people that need weed, and why are you evil?"-- he won't answer any question like that, ever), he is free to answer the question in a positive and complimentary way that sounds good to pro-pot people, without ticking off grandma who insists all pot smokers are the devil but also wants the government to give her all her happy pills for free.

    So, Barry can say "Well, that's certainly an idea worth considering. And you're not alone in that idea. Why, conservatives like William F. Buckley and Rush Limbaugh even support your idea. And as I have previously said, I am always willing to listen to all ideas, so we can pass health care reform together. That reminds me of a story of a woman who had <XYZ> and then went bankrupt because of <scapegoat group>. And that won't happen under my plan: <list talking points again>"

    See, he immediately saw how to hit a home run (we listed his talking points for him), and we provided him with a way out without saying "Yeah man pass the joint let's get blazed-- shit there goes my approval rating among grandmas and hippie-haters"

    And that's how we make real progress with national politicians, by degrees. Make it so they can answer our questions and make our ideas seem at least worth considering. Barry has no intention of doing anything about marijuana, medical or otherwise, but this now providers cover to other politicians who may want to say "Well, Obama thought the idea was worth considering, and I'm a bi-partisan so I'll consider it too" and bit by bit we make progress.

    Then a year down the road after a lot of questions like that he might be able to say "That question has come up a lot lately, and a lot of good people want to take a look at the issue, like the AMA, and conservatives, so maybe the house committee on keg stands and blunts can take a look at this issue" which means he'll support other people taking the lead since he doesn't risk his approval ratings by doing so.
  10. good post! you're right- it's best to make the question approachable for the president and audience
  11. in the name of anything and everything holy we need to get this beautiful bud legal if not for us for the future. I hope one of the questions gets a solid consideration and not get blown off as some stoner BS that they laugh at, I'm getting tired of the negative representation marijuana has received due to misinformation. Why don't they just let us vote for ourselves after a fair review of all information that is avaiable? :mad:

  12. The government's afraid to admit to 70+ years of lives and it keeps the DEA and to some extent police in business
  13. yeah thatd be sick

  14. legalized cannabis in the year 2010 would be even sicker :smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:
  15. yes..that is perfect...i'll probably send about 50 of these
  16. Like the Drug Czar said, legalization is not going to happen. Decriminalization, however, may. Lets cross our fingers for that.
  17. That would be so awsome if a question from grasscity made it to obama.

    What if we were the reason it becomes legalized. Shit that'd be awsome.

    Be like ya no big deal cuz were amazing and the reason cannibis is legal.
  18. Hahahaha, I just thought about GC actually starting legalization. That would be funny as hell.

  19. we are the next generation of America. [​IMG]
  20. This deserves a bump.

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