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Discussion in 'General' started by Lebowski, May 27, 2006.

  1. Im bored, give me your worst.
  2. How old were you when you first smoked reefer?
    How many rep points do you have?

    How old am I?

  3. -16
    -7682005738209572 seconds old, but by the time your read this itll prolly be 7682005738209658
  4. Ohh your good!:smoking:
  5. why do fat girls think they're skinny and skinny girls think they're fat?
  6. Hrmmm, If you fell into a bath tub full of liquid LSD what would happen to ya? death?
  7. why is goerge bush one only mother fucker

  8. Fat girls think they're skinny as an excuse to stuff themselves. Skinny girls think they're fat because of the media.
  9. why does god give boys foreskins if there parents are just going to chop them off at birth?

  10. Its possible you would relive the whole alice in wonderland story, and in reality cuddle up in a corner for days and suck your thumb.

    What? Sry but I dont understand? What do you mean by "one only"?

    Its like why do men decide to eradicate a plant that god created to grow here? The answer- men are crazy.

    This is hella fun, keep em coming! :smoking:
  11. o i meant one ugly mother fucker
  12. Where's your mixtapes at?

  13. Being evil will do it to you.

    Ahhh! I've played some sets but never recorded, when I do ill post it for sure!
  14. if a vacuum sucks, is that good or bad?

  15. Well if it sucks, its obviously bad, but if it doesnt suck then its bad too. But if it really does suck then it wouldnt suck, but it would cuz it sucks. So all in all it sucks.
  16. damn, thats sucks.
  17. If you fell into a tub full of liquid LSD... well, 5 mL is approx. 100 hits. The only recorded death from LSD overdose was a man who took 300,000 hits.

    The equivalent would be 150 liters of liquid LSD. That could easily fit in a bath tub. Now, of course you wouldn't drink all of it but it would immediately absorb through your skin. The second you hit the water we can assume you would absorb 10,000 hits of high quality acid.

    Therefore you would immediately lose consciousness and lay in the bath tub till you absorbed it all. Then, you would die.


    The Answer: Death.
  18. Not if you have a friend to pull you out

    Do telemarketers actually get telemarketed themselves?
  19. Why is Jl audio sooo expensive?

    theres a real answer, do u know it?
  20. Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways?

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