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Discussion in 'General' started by psych-out237, Mar 21, 2004.

  1. when the only class i had was media english i smoked alot of pot. i got a assignment to smake an advice colume so i got stonned at lunch then i was friendly enough to ask random peopel for problems or fake problems i could have. so im stonned and bored:
  2. im turning 21 in a few months and my aunt said she'll buy me a car IF i have a job OR im going to school full time. my problem is, im moving to philly soon (prolly the end of the summer) so im gonna have to quit wutever job i get when i move. i know i can get a job working for my town like i did last summer, and the pay is pretty good. plus the job is a lot of fun (and they don't drug test). only problem is, it involves physical labor and i hurt my back 2 months ago shoveling snow. im going to the chiropractor and shit but my back still hurts. i wouldn't start this new job til sometime in may, so hopefully my back will be better by then.

    my question to you is, what kind of car should i get. hehe.

    my aunt said i can get like a new acura or somethin and she'll pimp it out w/ a nice system, or i can get a used car and she'll help fix it up and pimp that ride out (ive always liked the bmw 8 series). so im thinking she's willing to spend between $20k-$30k. what should i get?

  3. i dunno bout you but i would get a mini coop :) 16 grand or something. a bmw sounds good too or if she will spring for it a mercedes. oh oh or id get a big old suv (any kinda) put some "fly" rims on there a big ol' sub woofer in the trunk speakers and all that
  4. lol, if laughing were gold coins i'd give these to u cause u made me luagh, i says get an old car and fix up teh inside, u can tell people it came from(insert crazy story)ad handed donw to u. lying rocks
  5. this happend on friday, i gave my dealer friend $325 for an ounce and he went to a parking lot and met up with a guy he bought from a couple of times, he pulled up next to him, was in the process of handing him the money and the guy holds a gun up to his forhead. So my friend got robed and I lost $325. We dont really know where the gun guy lives but we have ideas and we are planning on jumping him and getting our money back. What should I do, I know violence is the anwser so dont say its not.
  6. of course violence is the answer, but is it perhaps only half teh answer. is there a way that blackmail could be part of teh answer too. black mail is fun and when done right its effective too.
  7. come on now people please post ur problems or fake problems! give meaning to my life!!!!
  8. true, black mailing is fun. Thanks eddie!
  9. I'm here to help.

    this one's from me.
    Dear Edie: my cat has an ice likes to stick its paw in drinks and play with teh ice and try its hardest to lick the ice cause i had it when it was littela nd i used to feed it ice to watch ist nose change color(cold=white,ect.) then it went nuts and i gave it to my grandpappy and i got a new cat and now hes dead and my old cats back, so it thinks it will eat the ice in my drink and i will forget about my new cat. so the question is should i drink the drink even through this old crazy cat's dirty paw has been in it, it'd be gross but it could be a good lowbrow moment.(go to
    Thirsty in Canada

    Dear Thirsty
    first of all ew cats paw ur drink! no no first thing is dont advertise on, stupid. but yeah ur cats just adjusting, are u okay? why do u analize ur cats behaviour! just lock it out of the room and get a new drink!
  10. my wife recently fell and hurt her back. she wont have sex with me while in a wheelchair, so ive decided to make a Sex Machine based off a series of pulleys and levers. What design would be suit a 6 foot 200lb male and his 5'5 130lb wife?
    Sexless in Richmond Hill
  11. what the h e double hockey sticks does MOVED mean? i loev my thread and i dont want it moved that sounds bad! im sorry im sorry

    im sorry i analized my cat im sorry i asked for problems and fake problems im sorry for the bad puns im sorry for being addcited to a site taht may or may not be the downfall of society showing off its place in the madness and this site im sorry for coming back after months rebelling against machines such as computers
    and im sorry fo r teh whole up to here
  12. hahah dont worry bud, it wasnt about weed, so it was moved to General as opposed to Recreational Marijuana Use.

    the thread is fine, was just in the wrong spot.
  13. i should start preveiwing my posts befor i post them. so yeah im back at grass city, i was never an important member, but his site has helped me become a better stonner, answering my questions and giveing me good movie ideas, but i went alittle nuts and a little sober and now im back, i got a mullet since then and i went to a club! and i did shrooms! let me find a pick of this halarious mullette...

  14. heres a machine for ya- the robotic hand! used to masurbate! cant u wait till shes a little better ,that or ask doug at home depot how to build your love machine!

  15. hmm well i dont know what NES is so teh only thing i can do is make u feel better by telling u im just as pathetic. dont worry man, im a virgin in my parents bastment, im a chick and ive been dumped by every drummer in the town(i have a thing for drummers) cause i spend more time getting stonned in this dank bastment and watching cartoons than going out into society with them, but i swear on jesus' left rib that i need this time to think of the ideas that make me money(im a script writer)

    did i meantion i have a mullet and talk to my cats and have written 2 letters to conan o'brien.
  16. Dear Edie,

    I'm addicted to smoking crack and cracking jokes about people who smoke crack. In the long run, it's almost like I'm out to make fun of myself and destroy the only great thing I've got going, crack. I cry myself to sleep at night, then I wake up and find the freshest lunch I can out of the closest dumpster to where ever I passed out the night before. When I'm nice and full of salivated-on sandwiches and half-eaten pizza I indulge in a variety of crack smoking behaviors. Then during the evenings I just sit back and ponder(while high as fucking hell on crack) this one thing over and over. Well my question for you is, Is this the five o'clock free crack giveaway?

  17. the best way to get offf crack is to smoke so much ganja that theres no time for crack, but u dont wanna get off u want free crack, so u must follow these instructions: 1.)find the strip club where the crack dealers hang out, 2.) get a pretty dress, 3.) seduce the head dealer, 4.) take pics 5.) blackmail him into giving u free crack. simple as that, have fun
  18. hey im waiting for new querys

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