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  1. So, I like to learn everything and anything about marijuana. While I have a few grows under my belt, I like to think I know a decent amount about growing, but I love to learn more. At the same time, I like to help the community the best I can.

    So, here is what I'm going to do. I'm going to start a new thread (which this is) and allow anyone to ask me any question related to marijuana growing. If I know it, I'll do my best to answer it, to give the best answer possible. If I don't know the answer, I'll do my best to figure out the answer, and then relay it back to you. This allows me to spread my knowledge, and to learn new things!

    So come one, come all, ask Do Work any question pertaining to growing you have!
  2. whats the lowest wattage/bulb to have over a mother and clones
  3. Good question, and I can answer this a few different ways. One, it depends on the amount of mothers and clones with the mothers, and the type of lighting as well. Also, it depends on your grow space, like all lighting questions do.

    While an HID light can create a much larger footprint than CFL's can, I've noticed that lately most people use CFL's to veg, and maintain mothers/clones. This is great because of their cost to run, and their temp.

    With that said I try to calculate the amount of light I need in lumens instead of watts. For me, it's easier that way. To veg a plant, or maintain a plant in veg (mothers) you need to have at least 5,000 lumens at your canopy. I would not go below that mark, but it is probably the bare minimum I would maintain for growing mothers/clones.

    This link right here: Grow Room Tools can give a lot of info about grow room size, lighting, and what different wattages, and different lights will do in a certain size room. It's also great at calculating your lumens at a certain distance. I've found for questions like this, it's a godsend. I hope this helps!
  4. it did thanks
  5. Glad I could help!

    Keep the questions coming.
  6. i applaud your effort to get +rep or whatever, but with only a few grows under your belt ... you can't tell me anything search can't

    you might as well offer people a dollar for every +rep ... might be more lucrative
  7. Not simply looking for rep. Like i said in my original post, I like to give people my knowledge, and I like to learn. For me, the best way to learn, is by doing, and in this case, it would be to help someone find the answers to their questions.

    Perhaps I should be more descriptive with a few grows under my belt thing... I've been growing since 2005. From '05 until '08 I was pulling a harvest anywhere from a QP to a half pound every month. While this isn't OMG!! numbers, it was still a LOT of MJ. It was for friends and myself, and we only sold to people we grew up with, never in large numbers, and never to just random people.

    Since August of 08, I only grow for my own use, and just recently as a MI medical-MJ caregiver. I only grow now anywhere from 2-4 plants, and I very seldom, if ever even come close to surpassing the legal limit for me to have. Reason being, is I simply don't want/need to. Yes, it was great having 10 flowering plants in a room at a time, but it was also very scary. Granted, we had oodles of dank marijuana, and we could litterally smoke as much as we wanted to, but it was extreme paranoia. Now, I just look to dial in small numbers of plants as best I can. The person I am caretaking for only uses about a half ounce a month, and I go through about an ounce a month so what I do now is more than ample for what I need. I still find myself every harvest giving some away to friends.

    With all that said, I'm doing this as the sort of "pay-it-forward" saying. I had people help me learn, and I want to help others learn. I know for must growing MJ is illegal, and I find it amazing that people still love to do it. For that reason alone, I want to help people the best I can, so I made this thread, in hopes that it goes somwhere. Smoke a J and relax, negativity gets you no where.
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  8. ok.

    is a 400 wat hps light ok for clones and if so how far away from the light should they be from light?
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    A 400 watt light is good for any kind of plant. It may not be the most "recommended" but that doesn't mean you won't get good results.

    Now, there are a couple of things here to think about first. Are the clones developed? As in, do they have their own roots, or are they still developing and growing their roots?

    If they are rooted clones, when I dealt with clones we always treated them like a normal plant once they showed roots. That is, we just vegged them until we were ready to flower them, we didn't treat them any differently than we would a flowering plant, because once it hits this stage, it pretty much is a plant, just a small one. A rooted clone should be able to handle full light intensity.

    If they are rooting still, you need to be very careful with the light as they can be sensitive at that stage. When I cloned we used MH lights, and CFL's (mainly because of money) but the MH lights we kept around 18 inches away from them while they were developing roots. The CFL's we still put right ontop of them. EDIT to avoid confusion: You can treat the HPS the same as the MH in distance terms. I would keep the HPS about a foot and a half away from any developing clones, with a little fan to blow some wind over them.

    As far as light distance with a 400 watt HPS. Most people will tell you there is a certain distance you need. While a static measurement may work great, I really found the old hand in the heat trick to work the best. If you can put your hand at your canopy and hold it there for 30 seconds without feeling any discomfort than your distance is fine. If you can check your plants daily, then keep the light as close as you can get it without burning your hand. If you can't check daily, give them some leniency. Depending on the strain, light cycle, and maturity of the plant, I've grown some sativa's that will grow 3-4 inches just over their dark perdiod, so it may be best to check daily to avoid burning anyway, and more importantly burning buds.
  10. Hi , I am going to do a hydro grow using the Lucas formula.

    My question is: do I really need R.O. water or can I just get a cheap 3 stage drinking water filter?

    Thank you.
  11. ok yer thats a good answer and what i was looking for ,i have them freshly cut clones no roots as of yet around 20 in from 400w hps light ,there in a white bucket with a plastic top on for a sort of humity dome ,they are drooping to the point of bend right down ,is this sounding ok? they are still as green as the day i cut but just drooped ...hopefully when they have roots they will become upright again..
  12. if you are cloning with any kind of hydroponic system then get rid of the humidity dome
  13. Quoting this for some reason it looks odd! Hopefully it doesn't post odd too.

    Anyway, to answer your question. I grow both from soil and hydro. I've never done any fancy hydroponics, just a DWC/bubble bucket system, but I have debated over getting an RO system myself, and I decided against it.

    I did hydro from well water, and I've done it from a large city public water, and I didn't notice a major difference. The only thing you MUST do if you don't filter your tap is to let it sit for a while to get the chlorine out. How long is a while? Well that time is debatable, but most people say 12-24 hours, but I've read that chlorine in your water evaporates as it goes through the tap and is completly out of your water within 30 mins... so who knows ;).

    Now, the way I look at an RO filter is that it's something that would be nice to have, but by no means is it something I need to have. It's on the list of things that I would like to (along with a reservoir cooler) have because it may help me get a few more grams / plant, but by no means do I think it makes a big difference.

    From my own experience the number one most important thing about doing hydro is maintaining your Ph. If you can keep your solution at a static 5.8, and you dial in the right nutrient schedule, you can expect to have good results.

    So, unless you live in Mexico and your water comes out the tap looking like mud, then I would say you are fine. If you are really curious you can get a PPM meter and check the PPM of what your water comes out of the tap at. Otherwise, I would say just let your water sit for a while, keep your Ph right, and your solution good, and when all is said and done you should have some dank nugs to smoke!
  14. Yea, the humidity dome isn't really needed as far as I am concerned. I'm sure it helps to get better results when cloning (in fact I'm sure it helps a lot) but we never used one. However, we would take 20 clones, and only expect 5-10 to make it, so... who knows :p.

    Now I only grow from seed because I don't have the space to keep a mother like I would like to, but once I get a new place, that will be priority to have a clone/mother room and a flower room.

    As far as the clones wilting, without a picture I can't really say. I do know that it can be normal for them to wilt, but try giving them a heavy foiliar feeding of just plain water, and see if it helps any. Try to keep them moist, if not wet, and humid. They're either going to pick up, or they're going to die, that was my experience with clones.
  15. no ia m useing this.......

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  16. Then you need to keep the humidity dome with them, and you need to keep them wet. If you let the little cube they are in dry out, and you aren't spraying them regularly you can expect them to die. The plants still take in moisture while they are rooting, just not through the ground, like normal. You need to provide them with a wet, warm, and humid environment to develop roots. If you didn't provide that, you may need to start over.

    Get yourself a spray bottle, spray the plants from head to toe, on top AND on bottom of the leaves, and then spray the hood as well. You may need to do that a couple of times a day until they start to take.

    If at all possible, try to use a CFL. While I originally told you the HID light will be fine, it will make it a bit more complicated because it can dry them out quicker. If you don't have a CFL, just check them on a regular basis and make sure they stay wet, humid, and warm.
  17. yes got ya,i when i take the lid of the dome its very warm and wet in there am keeping the cubes wet at all times and spaying the clones x2 per day as you said .

    thanks for all the help.
  18. NP, I hope everything turns out well. Just don't get discouraged if a few die. The general rule with cloning is take 2x what you NEED because you can expect a few to die, and even if they all make it, a few are sure to take quicker than others, keep the strongest, and eliminate the weakest if need be.
  19. ok so i know a plant can grow in its veg state a couple feet it the same with the flowering stage if u keep the lights running 12/12 longer than the 8 weeks would you get a bigger yield?
  20. Christmas tree LED light are on sale now where i live. If i made a panel only using the red LED lights, could i use them for the flowering period?
    Could i also use the relay, to make them blink off and on? As this will add up to the 12/12 on/off peroid?

    Is it true that infrared rays make a plant high in THC, because i have a few sky remote controls lying about my house, is there any way i could set them on a timer, to add so extra infrared to my plants?

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