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Ask always gets pulled through my tiny bowl

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Alphå, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. I bought a small bowl, about 3" long so I'd have something I can just throw in my pocket... Its your typical mass-produced glass spoon with the small hole at the bottom of the bowl.

    I had a glass screen, but I lost it. In the meantime, what can I put in there to keep the last hit form pulling through and shooting into my mouth?

    EDIT: Title should say ash.. Could a mod fix plz? Click the thread tools button then edit thread ;)
  2. i usually use a small nug to just stick in there and put the rest on top of it..or you could use a tiny rock or pebble but be careful its the right size, dont want it shooting around and breaking your piece, or goin into your mouth
  3. you could use a small pebble or stone or take a paperclip and try making it into a coil like a snake(try bending where its already bent, not at the ends), make it big enough so it fits over the whole, then break the rest off. Or you can take a safety pin and break off the head of it and put that over the hole.
  4. I put a tiny nug at the bottom to keep stuff from falling through.
  5. try a clean pebble dog. Sorry about your glass screen, ive lost a couple, its why i tell my dooley to give me some extras cuz it doesnt hurt to have extras
  6. Funny story actually...

    I was taking a shit one day and puffing away on my pipe like I like to do. I finish the pipe, then bang the ash into the toilet bowl.

    I watch the glass screen go ploop, and land on top of one of my freshly baked turds. I thought about picking it up... I mean its only shit and it came from my own body right? But then I figured I could buy another one from the headshop in the square for a quarter.
  7. rofl the fucks at our shop charge 5$ per glass screen. fuck buying thoes anymore
  8. I don't use anything
  9. Real stoners like ash in their mouths! ;)
  10. I quit before it could get to that point and blow it out. I don't mind sacrificing the last hit. I aslo try to smoke out of bongs as much as possible.
  11. very easy solution is to use your tee shirt to cover the mouth piece so you can hit the bowl as hard as you want.
  12. or just pour all the bud in at the same time so something will stick - thats what i usually do
  13. With this pipe its not even really the last hit. ITs like the last 2 or 3 hits, and its a small bowl.

    I was smoking with this drunken idiot when he tries to take a rip from this pipe. He sucked almost all the green from a freshly packed bowl into his mouth.
  14. Do yourself a favor and buy a bubbler or a bong.
  15. I would absolutely love to have a bong, but I'm living in a college dorm and can't smoke in my room. Its a 2 minute walk from my dormatory to a nice little beach overlooking the bay where I can smoke up, hence the idea for a small spoon I can just throw in my pocket if I want.
  16. I've never really had this happen to me, i mean once in awhile it's inevitable, but I never have smoked with a screen in a pipe. I just use a small nug and it never pulls through. Maybe because the only bowl I ever bought myself was a bubbler, but I have smoked plenty of regular pipes without a screen. is the hole bigger than normal or something?
  17. that would take out a lot of thc and get resin on your shirt i think
  18. Well buy a bubbler then. They're small and very secretive. I have a small orange that I use at work. I can change the water very easily. Just have a water bottle handy when you go out to the beach. Cotton mouth's a bitch anyway.

  19. no way man i dont think thats possible. im not talking you entire shirt balled up i mean 1 layer Cochise.
  20. as mentioned before, before you break up your bud, take a bigger chunt and pack it in first then put all the smaller stuff on top of that. Makes it pretty hard to get ash in your mouth until the bowl is beyond cashed.

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