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    Very very few people know of my secret love and talent..

    Around my previous hometown of Vancouver and my current city, I have done A LOT of work. I don't want to post pictures to risk anything, most people have seen my work around though :wave:

    I am NOT talking about graffiti tagging of the name, I am talking more street art..of small designs (see next post).

    Challenge is to retain the secrecy......
  2. What's the point of vandalizing things as a hobby?
  3. the good die young.. so we are bad.

  4. I will have to edit that to street art, I'm sorry. For the past 5 years, I have done more art then sketching a name. More into designs and figures.

    Ever seen "Exit Through Gift Shop Window"?

    Something from the city ;)

  5. Well hello! i just stumbled on this in New Posts. And props on the open dialogue.

    What are your feelings about the fact that someone else owns the property? i mean if i want my wall green, i would be upset if someone came and painted it red.
  6. how do you guys do elaborate tags in public places and not get caught. are there multiple of you or do you use stencils. i ve always wondered that
  7. Me and few friends have just recently started doing street art. We been making our own stencils and some really cheap paint. I however want to learn to make sweet drawings. How do I go about painting clean art where I need to be in and out in under a minute. And what kind of paint should I be using? been doing the cheap walmart stuff.
  8. ^^pretty much what i asked
  9. Is there a mecca for street art? If there was one place in the whole world you could tag/paint(idk the lingo) where would it be?
  10. have you ever been caught?
    If so do you till write?

    I used to but i got a hefty ticket and ive been scared since to do it idk
  11. In what I do, with my "friends"...we have property that is on and off limits. Houses, mom and pop stores, churches etc are off limits. Buildings in city, parks or whatever...

    A lot of people in bigger cities use multipel people to complete. I havent worked up to "elaborate" designs because of the risk involved, mostly. I like to use stencils, because they make for beautiful art :wave:

    California is notorious with much Banksy influence.

    He also did this nice piece on the Isreal bordering Pakistan(?)

    Been caught, but got out of the ticket due to out-smarting the cop on my role in it :wave:
  12. Well hello fellow street artists. It's good to keep something like this a secret. Now kids are going around just blasting their names everywhere and its gross. Stencils and actual images are works of art. Not tagging.
  13. How do you get so much definition in your art? I can't imagine doing a piece so accurately with a spray can. Blows my mind.
  14. your talkin about "street art" not graffiti, two totally different things, not hatin just letin it be known
  15. hey man,
    when im applying a street poster, do i put the glue onto the wall first or onto the paper? and how much/ what kind of glue should i use?

    also, is there any way to stop paint from bleeding?
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    Put glue of first
    Thenthe poster
    And smooth it out with moreglue

    Itactually called wheat pasting

    Ummm usebetter paint and air the can farther away it runs because there is too much paint on it
  17. Yeah, they are different but also used interchangably. I thought of that right after posting the title...

    Stencils, practice, using "tips" on the can for precision, and more practice.

    Very detailed elaborate pieces, are usually done with stencils,,,or something othan the spray can :)
  18. 5 Points in New York is arguably a 'Mecca' for graffiti.

    Google some pictures of it or something, its ridiculous. But really, there are places all over the world that are amazing spots to paint, whether they are legal or not.

    California isn't famous because of Banksy, and I wouldn't say we draw much influence form him either (atleast in the graff community, maybe it is different in the street art scene).
  19. I was just about to say that.. Banksy isn't even from California, or America. He's British. He comes out to LA every once in a while though and throws something up. I guess lately it's been more frequent, but I wonder if it's even actually him. He knows alot of artist in LA, so he could just have them do it. Or imitators
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    Yeah eversince his movie came out I see fake ass banksy everywhere just kids hopping on the street art train

    I'm not a artist
    I'm a vandal!!!!!!!

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