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Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by ReeferRia, Oct 10, 2010.

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  1. Hey. I'm Ria. I'm stoned and I'm bored. Ask me anything you wanna know, or want advice on. Whether its sex, love, etc.

    I won't tolerate anything really offensive but bear in mind I have a sense of humour. Abuse will get you no where :)
  2. Are creps really just small thin pancakes?
  3. Yes, yes they are. :)
  4. Do you perfer guys with clean cut hair, or long or shaggy hair?
  5. What the fuck , do I do, with my hands during an interview?
  6. if a fat person falls in the forest and no one is around do the trees laugh?
  7. Slightly shaggy but on the shorter side really, like an overgrown hairdo, styled with a bit of wax.. It depends on the guy! How's your hair like ^_^
  8. Of course! All the trees laugh, the animals laugh but you know who doesn't laugh? The fucking insects the fatty landed on :O
  9. In an interview you should keep your hands on the table. On your lap. BUT PLEASE make sure it's not near your crotch as there's nothing more awkward than looking up and seeing your future bosses staring down at your crotch! And eyes always follow where the hands are as they're a key part of the human body, so, keep that in mind :)
  10. Do you practice safe breath with dentyne ice gum?
  11. Yeah I got shaggy hair, clean cut just doesnt do it for me :eek:
  12. Yes of course :p
  13. Shaggy hair's good sex hair
  14. I just got a pet sugar glider...what should I name her?
  15. Budong!!!
  16. OP, do you scrunch or fold?
  17. :rolleyes:There's already a busy thread that's exactly the same as this....:rolleyes:

  18. Yes there is :smoke: this one is now closed :wave:
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