Ask a guy with more 20 stitches in his ass anything

Discussion in 'General' started by stevooo123, Dec 2, 2011.

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  1. haha yes! let the questions begin? :p
  2. Did you drop the soap?
  3. Why do you have 20 stitches in yours ass? For starters.
  4. I hope you were paid adequately. You should always charge extra for fetishes.
  5. Baby, I'm sorry. you said rowdy.

    I didn't know I literally tore it up ;)

  6. damn you beat me to that comment...
  7. is your name Qaddafi?

  8. wow, someone ripped you a new one.
  9. what did you eat
  10. i told you not to explore there
  11. was another man involved? lol
  12. Do you drop bombs like hiroshima?
  13. lol to all the comments. nah i just had a big mole removed... had you all fooled :D

    shit still hurts when walking and sitting

  14. Was the "big mole" a nickname for something else that had to be removed from your anus?
  15. Did this "big mole" weigh roughly two kilo's and come triple wrapped.
  16. nope just a big ass mole, the mole was like an inch in diameter and was pre cancerous so they took surounding skin too.
  17. Ouch, that had to hurt;


  18. LolEminem

  19. lol ass cancer
  20. Haha, oh wow!
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