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  1. I'd just like to say, as a fellow dog trainer, i approve of the OPs advice, fully. It's nice to see another trainer who knows what they're talking about and is actually trying to help people. Good deal. :)
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    Does any one have any success stories with pit bull mixes? Can a dog unlearn bad behavior at age three? My miniature dogs are bad enough but when it is a 75-85 pound dog I start to get worried

    I think time with my dog packk has helped the pit, a few weeks I took care for him. I was impressed that the dog seems reasonably adept and physically sharp and getting what I need from him even though he still goes for busses, bikers , and other dogs. Those set him off for some reason

    . Now I haven't seen the dog for a few months and when I did he seems much worse. Whinning and barking too much. Any tips for my friend?
  3. In my experience, this is a food-allergy related problem. Get rid of all grain from his diet first. If the problem doesn't go away, get rid of all poultry. Usually a good lamb and rice or venison and sweet potato formula will work, but get quality because brands like Nutro will sneak filler-ingredients in there
  4. This is a dog who is ripe for some Koehler lunge line work. If you tell me where you live I can recommend a good trainer for you. If you don't want to say, check the IACP(international association of Canine professionals) website for a trainer in your area
  5. Thank You friend
  6. I doubt it. If I were wanting to escape proof a fence, I would install a roll bar on the top of the fence and concrete under the fence. Lava rock works well too instead of concrete. Keeps them from digging out. Ive also reinforced existing fencing with an in ground electric fence
  7. I have a hunch that this is caused from shitty dog food. The only ones I really see it on are Dog Chow dogs. I see Your Grandfather had issues with them though and I'm sure he feeds quality.
    Shitty dog food is full of allergens which weaken the immune system and chemicals and preservatives that are known carcinogens
  8. This guy needs lots of exercise and mental stimulation. He needs to learn the art of STAY and needs to go for daily walks. Use a leash inside the house to control his out of control behaviors. I know he's small, but don't pick him up. Use a leash and make him mind, but be humane about it
  9. Teach Obedience to this dog. This is probably a behavior created out of anxiety. Lots of mental and physical stimulation for this guy daily and make him sit, stay, and release in order to earn his food. Any barking gets corrected with a leash, however, don't expect the issues to disappear without satisfying his need for stimulation.
  10. Im glad to see folks have enjoyed the thread since Ive been gone. I had fun tonight. Might come back again, but I try to not waste time on forums anymore. Peace Irie
    Also, Im not a girl god damnit
  11. Ever had a dog that's just so awful you can't train it?
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    Renton, Washington, Yo
    I will look into what you said. 
    holidays here were good and
    We really liked a holiday special Indica called hollands hoep. It tasted like a fruit cake and felt like sleeping through the night. Nice
    by the way you mention to take him off grains and give him lamb and rice formula. Which they love chicken and rice. So I guess rice is a less harmful grain than rye, corn, etc. for dogs.
    I was looking at coloidal silver to clean his ear because people were sayin so. Well I decided against it and instead clean the gunk when it comes up using apple cider vinegar. I give them raw grass fed goats milk for a probiotic. And have ceased giving him the antibiotic. He is a happy dog if a bit barky. That comes with the Terriertory I guess.
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    Well Now he's gone and done it. My friends (staffordshire american bull) dog bit the neighbor and drew blood. He's going to a new home so that is the good news it's a humane solution

    The dog is really sweet and loving and goes with "the pack" like I said earlier. It only took a few days and all the dogs were sitting on the dog bed together and getting along. They lost the muzzle a while back and now this. I took the dog for run's a few times and he would learn which way I'm turning. When fireworks went off on Jan 1st he got so scared and tried to back under a laurel tree and almost got away. I had to crawl in there and hug him and carry him out.
  14. Okay so I found this black lab mix puppy in my backyard one morning when I opened the door, he stumbled inside, I noticed he had been in the heat for quite some time now, so I feed and water him of course. Now I have decided to keep him, I named him Leo. What I'm here to ask is how do I get him to listen? He is very disobedient. I think hard at hearing as well.. Or just ignores me. Helpppp he keeps biting too, that shit hurts.
    Hi! First of all congratulations on Leo and for rescuing him. Well, almost all of us dog owners has experienced the same problems with our dogs (specially on pups). They are really hard to understand, annoying and really stressful. Taking care of them is like having a baby inside the house, imagine how stressful is that. But, the good news is... they are indeed TRAINABLE and they're very smart animals. And the best time to start training Leo is definitely now. The best training starts whilst a puppy and the best trainer is YOU of course. I'd highly recommend this site to you --> This has been my partner ever since and has helped me in a lot of ways. Their methods really worked effectively for my dog. You can find many great tips and expert doogy advice here that would really help you in managing your issues with Leo. I'd highly recommend this to others as well. Best of luck! :)
  16. thank you! He is a blessing. But can be a little shit lmao @ wallywag . I think I've figured out what mix he is.. Mastiff/Lab it's beautiful! Thank you for the recommendation on that site. I will definitely use it. He's already not to hard at training. Only problem is still the biting. But I've found a fix by getting him chew toys!
  17. How do I teach my dog to wipe his mouth after drinking water? Because he likes to leave a trail after he's done. 8 month old German Shepard. We taught him to wipe his feet when we come inside but kinda stumped on this one.
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  18. How would you go about calming down a dog who behaves like she smokes meth? She is a giant Newfoundland who insists on running full speed wherever she goes and is 100% hyper all the time. She is the sweetest dog but it is a real pain in the ass to have a dog that weighs over 100lbs hauling ass through the house slamming into shit because she thinks she is a small lap dog. The worst is when she comes in from being in the yard. She acts like it's the first time she has ever seen the place and goes nuts! Same going from room to room or going up or down stares, gotta be at full speed like it's a damn race to see who can change rooms the fastest.
  19. Nope. Dogs are good. Its the people that don't get it

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