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  1. Howdy folks. This is what I do, so ask away. In my free time, I will answer questions as best that I can. I have been doing this for a long time and I specialize in aggressive behaviors. I dont know everything, but you'll be surprised. I can fix most problems
  2. I jus got a puppy how do I make it pee on the wee wee pads or outside. Also when will it start barking? Its 3 months old and lastly how do I get it to.stop biting my sandals and fingers
  3. What should you do if someone is sicking there dog on you?
  4. i have a 7 month old pit bull who is deaf. i tought him some sign language like sit no stuff like that. he is really playful with the cats and im afraid hes hurting them and he cant hear when their hissing.

    also he has really bad anxiety when we leave!

  5. Great first question.
    Do not use wee wee pads. You are teaching the dog that it is acceptable to pee in the house which is counter productive to potty training. The key to potty training is supervision. Never let him out of your site. Use a leash inside and outside. Use a crate when you cannot be with him. Take him out every 45 min. to the same spot in the yard and praise him as soon as he finishes his job. Since he'll be with you 100% of the time, you will also be able to catch him in the act and be able to give a consequence for 'going' in the incorrect spot. You have to catch him in the act. You cannot punish him after the deed has been done. If you come home or walk into the other room and there is a puddle, hold your tongue. Its your fault because you were not supervising. DO NOT PUNISH HIM AFTER THE FACT. YOU HAVE TO CATCH HIM IN THE ACT! Do not rub his nose in it. You might want to accept a kiss from that cute puppy at a later time. It can also cause copraphasia (stool eating). A stern NO and a loud clap of the hands works great. As soon as you interupt him, leed him outside, let him finish, then praise him. Sometimes its beneficial to bring a paper towel with a little of his urine on it outside with you. He will smell his scent and will stimulate his bladder. Then you can give the praise he deserves. Also, make sure that you are feeding at scheduled times. A free feeding schedule with a constantly full bowl is hell for potty training. If you know when he eats, then you know when he's full, so you know when he has to 'go'. Also, Do not epect him to tell you when he has to go. You are the logically thinking human. You are the parent, the boss, the pack leader. It is your responsiblity to take him out and get him on a schedule. You know when he ate last and when he went out last so you know when he needs to go out next.

    As far as the nipping, redirect the nipping onto a toy and make sure he has plenty of things to chew on. Try using a water-squirt bottle as a consequence for nipping. Squirt him in the face, but not in his eyes, ears, nose, and especially not in his mouth. The first time you squirt it in his mouth you will show him that its just water and he will no longer consider it a consequence.

    Some dogs dont bark, but not very many. Give him time, let him grow up
  6. Call the police.

    Edit: or stop trespassing
  7. Seperation anxiety is natural. These are pack animals so being alone is against their nature. However, most owners make it worse with enthusiastic hellos and good bye's. The proper way to enter and exit your house is by practicing Cesar Milan's No Talk, No Touch, No Eye Contact for at least the first 10 minutes that you are home. The goal is to wait until they are calm before you greet them.

    Depending on how bad it is, here is what you should do;

    1st. Crate him and give him a raw beef bone 15 minutes before you leave. This alone will fix 90% of all seperation anxiety cases. Of course, the crate has got to be trained properly or the anxiety will be worse. You have to do this 15 min. in advance so that he is distracted, busy, and happy at the time that you leave. Tossing a bone in as you leave usually will not overide the anxiety. Also, notice that I said a raw beef bone. Not a rawhide, not a chew toy, not a cooked or smoked bone from the pet store. Go to the butcher shop and get a raw one. Your dog is a carnivore and his body is meant to process raw meat. When you cook it, you rob him of vital nutrients that he cant get anywhere else.

    2nd. If this doesn't work- TRY DRUGS MAN:smoke:. Seriously, Meletonin works well. Its not a drug its actually a supplement you can get at walmart. Not sure on the dose though so check with your vet before giving. There are also quite a few sedatives that your vet can give you. The best IMO are clomacalm and reconsile.

    3rd. Try a Thunder shirt. This product doesnt work well enough to override the anxiety on its own, but combined with these other techniques, it can really help.

    4. Exercise. This should have been # 1. Where him out. Walk him and play ball before you leave the house. A tired dog is a happy dog.

    As far as the cats, the only thing you can do is supervise and stop him when you think he is escalating his energy too much. He will learn to stay at a certain stage when playing
  8. How can I get my kitten to stop trying to stick in face in all the orifices of my body?
  9. I dont do cats, just dogs. Sorry, but I will tell you that I have a formula for fixing any behavioral problem with any species.

    The formula is:

    Positive reinforcement for behaviors that you enjoy
    Consequence for behaviors you do not enjoy.

    Cats hate water so a water bottle would be a great consequence for you.
  10. I'm just curious about why when I feed my dog he brings the first bite or two into the living room? After that he eats normal. And after about 6 years and moving into a new house my Bassett hound has started to do it too.
  11. I have a lot more problems with my Australian shepherd mix but I guess I want to start with little problems
  12. I have seen this behavior many times in many different breeds, but I have no clue why they do it. Sometimes making the food higher value will increase the food drive, making them eat more vigorously. Try feeding a better dry food and top dressing with raw meat or a high quality wet food.
  13. This is a common mistake. You cant focus on little problems, you have to attack it as one problem. All behavioral issues are correlated to each other. Every issue points towards instability. You need to help the dog to achieve a calm balanced state of mind. An Aussie Shephers is a working dog. They nedd daily mental and physical stimulation to stay calm and balanced. They need a job.

    Start with obedience training. Find someone that teaches the Koehler method of dog training and do personal sessions. Do not settle for a group class. Also, make sure that you like the trainer. There are a lot of trainers who are too harsh or too nice. Both ends are incorrect. You cannot beat a dog out of his problems, but you certainly cannot fix problems with 100% positive reinforcement only treat training. There is a happy medium in there. Find a trainer who loves animals, but doesnt spoil them. Find a trainer who gives disipline and does what needs to be done to solve problems, but doesnt abuse them.

    Every dog needs to be properly trained in obedience. I say 'properly' because there are a lot of shitty trainers out there taking peoples money and not fixing problems. Obedience training teaches impulse control. A dog does not have the ability to control his own impulses. When he sees a rabbit, he chases. He doesn't go through his options on whether he should chase or not, he just goes. However, when you put him on a leash with a pinch collar around his neck, he'll hit the end of the line and realize that chasing the rabbit caused the correction. The next time he sees the rabbit, he will think twice about chasing. You gave him the ability to control his impulse to chase. Dogs have to be trained to ignore their impulses because their impulses are to run, chew, bite, growl, snap, snarl, pee, poop, jump up, bark, and fight. These behaviors are not acceptable in our society, so it is our responsibility to teach them the rules and give them impulse control so that they can abide by those rules
  14. I am the owner of a Labradoodle. It is the first dog that I live on my own with, also the first dog that I have been around since my Labrador of 18 years died a few years back. My Lab would eat ANYTHING, and he would inhale it :laughing: However, my new dog is a very finicky eater. There are times when he won't eat his breakfast/dinner and throw up bile because of it.

    The vet said it is fine, and he eats a treat after he pukes, but it kills me to see him throw up because he won't eat. I have tried a couple different foods, but it isn't the product that is the issue. My little homey just picks and chooses when he wants to eat, even if it makes him throw up :(

    Is there anything I can do to fix this? Anything I am doing wrong?

  15. 2 questions

    What foods have you tried?

    How often do you walk your dog? Be honest or I cant help
  16. Well basically I can't afford any sort of training at all and most places offering obedience training wouldn't allow my dog because his main problem is super aggressiveness towards other dogs no matter what the situation is. He is entirely obedient to me and really doesn't misbehave except when confronted by another dog.

    I dont make excuses for behavior, but he was the last of his litter to be adopted from the humane society and was a wild child before bonding with me.

  17. I walk him about a mile once every 2 days. He is currently eating "Performatrin Ultra" per the vets request. Couldn't tell you exactly what he was eating in the first couple months :smoke: but I can tell you that is was organic, again, my vets request.

    Is the organic food bullshit? Its expensive as hell, I know that :eek:
  18. Yes I agree that training is expensive. My service is not cheap. If the place that you enquired about will not accept an aggressive dog, then they are not worth hiring. A trainer who is scared of aggression is a shitty trainer that is no use to you. Im sorry but anyone can teach how to sit with a treat. Fix bad behavioral issues. Thats what real trainers do. Keep looking. I know its not cheap, but you also may be looking at it wrong. A good training package should be around $500. This is the cost of 2-3 vet visits. Nobody complains about paying for the vet because that's medical and you have to have that. The problem with this mentality is that the leading cause of death in dogs is not a medical condition. Its not cancer, its not rabies, and its not Parvo. It is behavioral issues. People give up on dogs who dont act right. The $500 that you spend on training will last the rest of the dogs life. 10+ years. Its worth it.

    That being said, here's what you do. Have a friend stand with his dog out of reach of you and your dog. This should be a dog from a seperate household, not a familiar dog. Put your dog on a 15 foot leash with him wearing a pinch collar. When he pulls towards the other dog, turn and go the other way. 15 feet later, he will hit the end of the line, get whipped around, and see his owner leaving.
    Repeat this technique until the dog no longer wants to leave your side. You will prove yourself unpredictable and he will assume that you have placed these distractiions there and he needs to watch you or he'll get the correction. If it doesn't work, run in the opposite direction instead of walking.

    That is too bad. He's lucky to have you. Just try not to dwell on the past to much. Look at the future and try to fix the problem no matter what it takes. Getting hung up on his past can hurt progress for sure
  19. This is a good dog food. No its not bullshit. Pay for it. Its wirth it. Actually, how much is it. You should be paying about $50 for a 30-40 lb bag. There are some really high priced food sout there and yes they are good, but you may be able to get more for your money somewhere else. You may try the raw diet. Some people make their own, some people do half dry' half raw with some supplemnts, some people buy premaid raw diet from ''instict'' or ''Bravo''. Dont go doing a raw diet without research though. Google Wendy Volhard nutrition and you'll find the leading animal nutrition knowledge available.

    Try exercising about an hour before meal time. This will stimulate his appetite. Also, making him sit and stay in order to earn his food will make him feel more like a working dog and he will be happier to eat knowing he earned it
  20. I wanted to throw out a warning about what I said here. The reason to wait an hour after exercise is because the dog can get bloat. Bloat is a condition where the stomach twists. Most cases, the dog dies. Sometimes, if you get the dog to the vet in time, they can fix it once. But the dog will be susebtalbe to the problem and it will likely happen again. They can only fix it once. So avoid bloat by making sure your dog has fully calmed down from his exercise before eating. Dont feed him before exercise either, same result. Bloat. Big concern in larger breeds

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