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Ask A Collective Volunteer Anything

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by TranceKid, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. Everyone I have ever been to always has a big scale with digits on both sides. Sounds like you got to a shady spot.
  2. As soon as the scales come out, everyone gets cracked out and weird. 
  3. Ya in la any good dispensary will weigh it out in front of you obviously some places are shady but you can use those to generalize all clubs.
  4. Can't talk about prices... and we have our own private vendors. 
    Of course ;)
  5. bets strain for brain tumor?
  6. I'd say a strain with high CBD like Cannatonic or Harlequin. 
  7. Thanks Buddy..greatly appreciated
  8. Yeah, I've noticed even the best places can be kinda weird when the monetary aspect is being discussed.  Like, we've agreed it's medicine, you're a "volunteer" (but compensated for time), and the medicine isn't for sale, the "prices" are donations.... but there are still FTP (first time patient) specials and other x% off deals like a regular store, not a pharmacy... you have to have both parts, people want to haggle, sales, etc, but you also have to come off as medical and professional...  A fine line.
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    How so? My go to collective is the only place in my area that weighs my meds out in front of me, and what I really appreciate about this is that EVERY time, it's between 3.6 and 3.9, or, if I go on 4.5 8ths day, it's a 4.5 8th for any top shelf meds. Also, every time I get meds from places that just shows you a few bags and tell you to choose, my nugs have been compressed, usually is underweighed, and the service is inpersonal and hurried. Personally, I greatly prefer to have my meds weighed in front of me, and if they don't, I'm not donating.
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    Exactly. Our collective's "donations" aren't set in stone. Ex: if a patient needs medication and just so happened to bring a 20 dollar donation, we like to help out and give the person their choice of 2 grams of something better than a $10/gram; maybe a 12 or 13 one. You can BET there will be a smile on their face knowing they have medication they like (smell, look, trich color, etc) and not some crummy pre weighed bag like I used to get my own personal medication years ago as a medical patient. 
    We also looooooooove to give out prerolls, wax dabs (to go, not on-site), small edibles (chocolate bites, jolly ranchers, gummy worms) and even papers/rollers.... ;)
    Of course! Our collective does weigh out every time (concentrates obviously are pre weighed to 1.1-1.2g instead of 1.0 ;)
    What I was trying to say is people get a little obsessed over what the scale says. Even more specific, some people eye the scale as soon as you grab it and makes the ambient a little awkward. Others see that our volunteers weigh out to 1.1 or 1.2 and try to haggle for 1.5 (c'mon...). 

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