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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by stew mack, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. I figured since the gays got their own thread like this why not us? Ask away idc what you ask from the meaning of life to the obvious sexual questions.
  2. At what age did you know you were bi, or did you always have a feeling?

    I think that's a good question to start with, haha.
  3. Do you give it, or take it?
  4. Do you fist bung hole
  5. lol ya it is... well i was 15 i had gotten with about 15 girls and there was this GORGEOUS guy who sat in fronta me in geometry like beautiful smile 8 pack abs ugh.... that was when i came to the conclusion i liked both

    prefer to top but ill do both

    fuck no lol most i got was 2 fingers
  6. I don't consider guys who likes guys and girls bi
    I think if you like penis your gay

  7. lol na trust me i aint gay.. i prally been with more women than u! just somedays id like cameron mongahan and others id like emma watson
  8. Why are all you people making these threads?

  9. cause we want equal threads too! equal threads for all!!!!! next imma make an as a Red wings, chiefs, and dodgers fan anything thread!!!
  10. If you had to choose between being straight and being gay which would you choose?
    In other words do you like men or women more? Or is it equal?

  11. women more.... its like a 50/40/10 thing... i like shemales more than guys but girls more than shemales.... but i much prefer gay porn if that makes sense lol... i came out to my mom bout 5 days ago she was shocked cause i was always the football playing, getting-into fights, hooking up with mad girls kinda guy... no one suspects a thing even when i make real gay comments

  12. :rolleyes: okayyy

  13. ok... so is malcolm x gay then? and hugh hefner? and mick jagger? and david bowie?

    ALL have had prally a thousand times as many girls as you but have had gay sex would u consider someone who slept with the baddes brauds on the planet, or someone who had sex with 5000 women to be gay? na
  14. If you as a man, have sex with a man, its gay sex. That doesn't make you gay though, is what you are telling me... ?

  15. That makes him a dude that has had gay sex...but if he then has sex with a woman...thats straight sex. If both of these things occur often enough to establish a behavioral pattern, then he is a bisexual male.
  16. anyway back to the questions!!!
  17. How do u feel about abundant ass hair?
  18. lmao @ the thread dafuq
  19. disgusting.... i only like twink type guys and trannies and muscle guys no bears NO FACIAL HAIR... you know girly men i guess its cause im masculine

  20. No, please don't. Sorry but these types of threads are considered spam, we aren't allowing any new ones.
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