Asians Who Smoke

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  1. Apparently, yeah, we do get double-chink-eyed. I already have squinty eyes (not as much as most Asians, since I'm only half) but when I smoke, I feel like Brock from Pokemon. 
    What's the pros of this? My eyes are so closed no one can see how red they are. Fuck yeah! :hello:
    Anyone else get mad red squinty eyes like this? My friend said he's been smoking so long his eyes no longer get red so no one can tell he's high. 

  2. Hahahaha! My best friend is Asian, when we get high I'm not sure if he's fallen asleep sometimes.
  3. im asian so my eyes are already naturally lowered and when i smoke they go even lower sometimes when im really high i cant even open them
    cons: its harder to drive
  4. I lovee that my eyes are hella squinty i can go anywhere high af and look normall

  5. Haha one of my good friends gets so squinty when he gets high it just looks like they are shut. He will also be laughing histerically, but no sound will come out.
    My gf is Asian, and her eyes get pretty low, but they are always still open, just a lil. She just turns into a goof when she gets high sometimes it's really funny.

    I like smoking with Asians. Especially my girly :)
  6. how do asians even see when their eyes are so squinty, i think its why they are bad drivers. not being racist at all its a genuine question.
  7. Dude i wish i was asian sometimes they always seem like they have so much fun
  8. one of my good friends is asian and he gets high occasionally and he is funny as fuck when he's baked. lol it looks like his eyes are closed. 
  9. my eyes dont close like that unless I smoke a potent indica.
      If i smoke a good sativa, my eyes become tomato-red, and my pupils get huge.

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