asians and eating.

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  1. hey sorry if i offend anyone especially asians lol. before i start i wanted to tell you that i have an asian best friend and im quarter asian.

    Anyway whenever i go out for dinner or something like that and an asian is eating, lets say their eating pasta or noodles when they try to eat it they like suck it all up and make the biggest sounds! to be honest i don't care its just that i was brought up in a way that i should eat politely lol.

    i cant be fucked writing more about asian peoples eating habits im not being a race profiling bastard im just saying i cant stand it when they eat certain foods haha

    i love asians btw lol
  2. To practice hatred against anothers culture is no different that racism, discrimination, and violence.

    Being a quarter asian does not excuse you, it in fact makes you more responsible.
  3. how does it make me more responsible

    sorry if i offend anyone lol.

  4. Are you serious?
  5. To demean your own culture, places you at the height of responsiblity. Learn to practice love and compassion.
  6. haha guys im just having a little rant geeez.

    i just wanna know if others feel the same and im not being anything racist or deemeaning anyone just talking about my opinion on the way some people eat haah its just that the majority are asian.
  7. Actually I heard it was a a sign of thanks to slurp loudly while eating noodles in Japan. So that might have something to do with it...

  8. yo im korean, born and raised in Canada and i've noticed the same thing with HONG KONG ppl specifically. ITS SO FKING RUDE
    one of my asian friends is korean haha :p except he does it as well and i ask him and hes like theres nothing wrong with it.... -_- i mean cmon haa

    its ew
  10. Not sure where I heard this, but in some cultures it's considered polite to slurp when eating from a bowl. Or something similar to that. I think it might be a Japanese thing, though I could be wrong.
  11. Yup...
  12. not from what i heard comming from asians hahaha
  13. It means that you are enjoying your meal, just because you find it rude doesn't mean they do.

  14. yes..yes thats true thats why you save it for when you go home! i mean like most of the people that would be near someone slurping their food would find it very disrespectful.

    i agree its more enjoyable just save it for when you eat at home!
  15. Lol, your funny.
  16. And you are blind.
  17. I suggest you all relax. This is Pandora's box for a reason. The world would be a bland place without racism. I do not mean that in a way that supports or condones racism in anyway but sometimes that shit is hilarious, think Dave Chappelle...

  18. HAHA!! this is fucking hilarious to me best friend is korean and when he eats noodles its sounds like the most obnoxious shit ever. ive even said something to him about it one time. i wasnt aware that most or at least more of them did the same thing.
  19. Racism harbors hate and violence. You may think of it as a joke, but another may think of it as fact.
  20. you can only slurp in noodle houses.
    Anywhere else its disrespectabel.

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