asian markets are so mysterious

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  1. I went to an asian market the other day. The smell of all the dried noodles, sauces, mushrooms and seafood all blended together into one hell of a wierd ass smell, probably the wierdest smell i have ever smelled in my life.

    I was wandering around for like 2 hours pretty much getting lost in all the different isles of mysterious goods. Hundreds of different types of mushrooms and fungi, dark liquids and wierd drinks.

    But the produce section was amazing, it had just about every type of vegetable and fruit you could imagine, dragonfruit, durian, everything.

    The seafood section even had geoducks if anyone knows what those are.

    There were huge bags filled with various mushrooms, and a gigantic herb section with every kind of herb you could imagine.

    It was so strange to be wandering endlessly throughout the caves of that place really baked because I kept finding new items that i've never seen before.

    By far the strangest place i've ever been, most of you have probably been to places like that, but i havent. Something about the smell creeped me the fuck out, and everything that i ate from there tasted just like the smell it was so fuckin wierd.

    i felt like i was on a different planet.

    "cool story bro"
  2. Yea the smell makes you wonder wtf is going on.
    I will never go to a asian market again.

    The only feeling I had was "I need to get the fuck outta here"
  3. Anybody else get baked and go to various international markets and grocers? Favorite past time of mine when I got nothing else to do.
  4. im really glad i wasn't tripping on acid because i would have freaked the fuck out.

    not to be judging or anything but the vibe there really reminded me of a science fiction horror movie.

    all the fish swimming around in aquariams just to be killed and crabs they just let die a slow death just to eat kind of pissed me off.
  5. This just shows complete ignorance. The fresher the better.
  6. those are pokemon right?;)
  7. if you think that's mysterious go to Camden

    the whole damn place smells like incense, and the funny thing is i've never actually ever seen anybody burning that shit.
  8. Lol, interesting. This is something I will definitely have to try sometime :D!
  9. Nah, i like the simple things in life. Parachuting and Acid.
  10. I go to this crazy asian market in Seattle... cant remember the name of it, but there is a pink strawberry drink there... no clue what it is... but it taste like a mouth orgasm. Pure amazingness.
  11. are you calling me ignorant for wanting a better life for a fish?

    better than dying of starvation inside of a small dirty aquarium?

  12. Ya man dunno what was up with his comment...

    Nice to see you experienced something different though!

  13. -_____-

    I agree with OP about the fish.
  14. i think that guy needs to smoke a j lol. to each his own though i guess.

    i wouldnt want to die inside a small dirty aquarium..

  15. dude. what are you doing.
  16. holy shit thats something i need to try.
  17. So many secrets...

    So little time.
  18. i think they sacrifice goats under the floorboards.

    edit: thats just about the greatest avatar i have ever seen.
  19. Yeah man they got some crazy shit, freaking get stoned and eat Asian snacks are pretty much be a hobby of mine. Oh and boba is pretty bomb stoned.

    OP props for knowing duran. Shit smells kinda funky but is good in small doses lol
  20. its an awesome fruit.

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