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  1. So I'm collecting seeds so I can begin breeding projects next year upon moving to Michigan. I've been ordering African and Asian landrace sativas (French Touch Seeds' K1 and Mangu Karot; Indian Landrace Exchange's Valley of Flowers, Wailing Valley, and Eastern Manipur/Burma border; World of Seeds Kilimanjaro, South African Kwazulu) I'm going to get some Durban and Malawi seeds to round out my African selection, but I can't seem to find any pure Thai or other Asian landraces. So I have some questions:

    1). Is anyone other than Ace Seeds offering landrace asian sativa genetics? And can I get the original landraces (Vietnam Black, Luang Prabang, Cambodian etc.) Used to breed the asian hybrids that Ace has? (Thai Chi, Golden Tiger, Orient Express)

    2). If I can't find seeds for the pure lines is it possible to breed for recessive genes found in the grandparents of certain strains? For example, can I use a male and female Orient Express plant and pheno hunt for progeny most representative of the Vietnam Black and China Yunnan genetics respectively?

    3). Do any seed banks that ship to America carry Ace seeds? Or Cannabiogen?

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  2. Very nice list.
    Sure you can selective breed. The more plants you devote to it the better / faster the results.

    Seedfinder is what I see used / suggested the most.

  3. check the link for landracers: Southeast Asia Archives - The Real Seed Company - Landrace Seeds

    good luck
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