Asian eye test.

Discussion in 'General' started by Jordi, Feb 8, 2009.

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  1. took me about 15 seconds to figure that one out
  2. That's pretty neat.
  3. yes my rep just turned green!!...This never fails!!
  4. wow floyd..thats....pretty sad:rolleyes:
  5. how is that sad ? :p
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    I wonder if asians get it right away :eek:

    (it's a joke, I'm sorry if it offends you.)

    Edit: Maybe if you were really high you'd see it right away?

  7. Same. Anyone who has asian eyes or is extremely high, can you report back?
  8. I'm extremely high and I can read it. I had to open my eyes up wide to understand the "trick". It should say "If you can read this, you're high"
  9. yeah, if you squint it blurs and takes the sharpness away making it easier to read...or if your eyes are just blurry from being so schtoned
  10. What does it say? -_-
  11. am I missing something?
  12. i justr stared at that shit for five minutes
    then i figured it out.
  13. Either that or look at it on an angle.
  14. All you gotta do to see it is stand back from your computer.
  15. Tilting the screen 90 degrees works. Now I cant not see it.
  16. still dont get it...:(
    dude, im mad baked, tooka look at this. saw asian eyes, grabbed the ends of my eyes lids and pulled.instantly because clear hahahahhah

    carry on my wayword son.

    edit: i wasnt able to get it for like 20 seconds..
  18. It says "No Sex Causes Bad Eyes"

    Tilt your screen all the way down then look at it.
  19. It's similar to looking at a 3 dimensional box, where all the lines are visible, and suddenly the box "flips" inside out. your mind registers the perspective differently.
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