Ashtrays for Pipes

Discussion in 'Smoking Pipes, Glass Spoon Pipes' started by Nishi, May 14, 2011.

  1. Anyone tried any of these ashtrays for pipes? If so, which one and how do you like it?

  2. Oh my god! i need one of theses it is so simple and looks very effective.
  3. i have the de-bowler but never use it, just a piece of plastic for that one
  4. my friend has a different plastic one and i have to say it works great. if i smoked instead of vaping i would definatly have one of these, they are so convenient
  5. Wow a new project for Apix Designs? LOL JK but really a worked dish with a metal nail in the center would be something I'd buy someday.

  6. id buy that now :)

  7. hahah its definitely possible, il add that to the list of to do's

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