ashleys cousins. a fictional tale of hidden knowledge and deceit

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  1. One day there were nosey cousins. They overstepped their boundaries and their pit bulls ended up dead. A man named larry had tossed unmentionable filled weenies into their yard and the next day the poor mongrels were bbrain dead. It was a sad case.

    Larry had the opportunity of committing the crime but had mercy and more so blood on his hands. He had said too much. The evidence was against him. Boldly written for the world to see.

    The cousins were narcs. They were nosey. They opened their mouths in protest because ron possessed the intellect needed to grow the flower of the gods.they complained and ron never was able to harvest the sacred flower of the gods.ron charged larry to handle the situation.

    Larry has yet to handle it. Perhaps some day when the blood on his hands has been erased from history. The cousins are dead to ron. Life goes on.

    The cousins were seen as maggie, eunice, diana, jaime, tim and the other soulless vessels that roam the earth.

    The situation will be handled accordingly
  2. Woah.

    You killed those dogs, didn't you?
  3. What the fuck?
    That's crazy shit bruh.
  4. Its just a story
  5. A real life story. Which makes it eligible for gc
  6. You're a schizo and are both ron and Larry, right?
  7. I think you killed the dogs, you're insane hahaha:D

    Story made me lol though.
  8. Miyagi, why are you asking so many questions? Its a real life story that happened to a friend but I changed the names out of respect

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