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Ashley Judd poll

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Apr 20, 2003.


The Ashley Judd Polls and Poll manipulation must stop!

  1. i hope u didnt go to too much bother with this poll digit... u know there's gonna be a few judd

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  2. The Ashley Judd Polls and Poll manipulation must stop! i can't take it anymore. :( i want Ash

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  3. Ashley Judd

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  4. Is there some way we could rename the polls to be called Judds, and the place would no longer be gra

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  1. Wow...insomnia really took over, huh? An Ashley Judd poll...

    Get some sleep, Digit!!!!

  2. dude, thats fucking awesome... lmao.. rofl while stoned........

  3. yup... you betchya.

    i started seeing a peacock outside my back door just after i made that.... ...but that was prolly cause there as a peacock outside my door (i have the digi photos to proove i wasnt halucinating from my alter-ego Sleep D)
  4. Happy 35th Birthday to Ms. Ashley Judd, 4-19-2003.
  5. BTW, this is the best poll you have ever posted Digit!

    This my 2500th post, and it deals with Ashley Judd, how appropriate.
  6. :D i thought somehow u might like it bbp
  7. Ashley should be added to everything! She'd make things so much sweeter!

    Gotta love that woman!

  8. Which probably explains why all the pages in your "Ashley Judd Monthly Illustrated" are stuck together.

    2500? I see 2398 up there^^^

    Alabama education I suppose.


    You're it.:p:D

  9. It was at 2500 yesterday. Somebody has deleted some old threads that took down the post count.

    And I am IT!
  10. hahahahaha *claps and continues on with being high*
  11. Ashley Judd???? j/k:D

  12. how do you resize pictures? I can't attach her photo.
  13. heres a pic.

    Attached Files:

  14. Heres one for Poppa!

    Attached Files:

  15. I love this woman till death do us part...

    Poppa I will get her to give me a pic with her sig then post it..

    I'll even send you one!!!! I'll try to get her to sign it just for you..

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    • aj.jpg
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      8.8 KB

  16. YOU DA MAN! Bud Head!
  17. is there some sort of ashley judd fanclub around her or somethin? seems like theres alot of fans borderline stalkers around here;). lol, is anyone here a member of her official site?
  18. I'm not a member of her site.

    I am a member of her love though! She is a very nice and cool girl!

    I'm supposed to go and do some work on her sisters farm this summer. Ashley is wanting to have a BB-Q when I'm up there if she is in town at the time..

  19. Not stalkers, that would mean actually getting up our asses and really doing something. More like superfans, especially since Ashley likes to smoke the holy plant.

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