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Ashley Judd Alert

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, May 1, 2003.

  1. Ms. Ashley Judd will be featured tonight on E! Entertainment Network. 10:00 EDT, 9:00 Alabama time.

    BTW, we had us an earthquake yesterday. 4.9 on the richter scale. Not bad, and the first earthquake most of us here have ever had.
  2. she is eyeing you...

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  3. btw... where are you located in Alabama... a good friend goes to Auburn... wondering if he felt it there
  4. Oh great...Poppa's going to have a heart attack after staring at that pic for a little while!!!!

    ;) I'm kidding Poppa...I bet you like it though!!!! ;)

  5. Damn straight she's eyeballing me. :D

    Yes he felt it in Auburn, that is if he is a light sleeper. It hit heer around 4:00 am. It was centered in Mentone, AL in the NE corner of the state. I have friends in Mobile that felt it and reports as far away as South Caroline felt it.

    What's he study at AU? I have a couple friends that are professors there.

    Has anyone heard about the football coach at Alabama going to a golf tournament over Easter weekend and somehow his University-issued credit card wound up in the possession of a prostitute and there was $5000 in charges to it?
  6. We felt the quake up here in the middle of TN. A fairly strong quake at that!

  7. he's an MIS student... he is actually from Mobile originally... we met in high school in London though
  8. Ashley looks so dreamy in that photo!
  9. ok boys,...yes she does look beautiful, and dreamy ;)
    hell, she IS beautiful and dreamy.
    im going to let in in on somthing....
    now i dont wanna break any hearts here, buuuuut i dun' think that ashleys hot lil body.... an her arms are better than that an so are her boobs :D thats her purtey lil face on someone elses body.
    but look, dontcha think?

  10. OH HIGHYA!

    Did'nt anybody ever tell ya not to mess with a leghound when he's on the scent?

    And don't try to take their bowls before their done eating either.

    Hey Poppa. Prostitute? $5000 on a card?

    Sounds like you all hired Barry Switzer.

    I was certain that the shaking was just because you've been eating Mexican again.
  11. Smokie... I didn't think of what caused the earthquake..

    Mexican and Poppa could be the reason! lol
  12. Well, ya know how full of it he is.:):p
  13. Yes I do agree..

    He may have topped that mexican food off with some raw orsters with tobasco sauce.. The explosion heard over the south east!

  14. I don't know what you are talking about. Guys don't judge women on the shape and form of their body. Men just aren't that superficial. We are more interested in a women's personality, inner beauty and intellegence.

    Skedastik, I don't know any MIS profs. Hell I don't know what MIS means.

    $5000 is the rumors swirling on the internet for our new coach. He nor the university has issued a statement, but something big is brewing in Tuscaloosa. Might be the coaches wife popping him on the head with a frying pan.

  15. MIS - Management and Information Systems

  16. I now know that I don't know any profs for your friend. All my friends over there are outside in the engineering and geology departments.
  17. i think we need more sexy pics... just a thought
  18. mmmmmm. more juddness. is it possable to have too much juddness? i'm sure if we can, we will find out soon.

    but after watha's analysis i have to concur. as someone who spends alot of their time criticizing dodgey graphics and photo manipulation.. i can see the potential join line... but it is quite well done and from cleverly chosen photos taken in similar lighting conditions.

  19. that makes me happier than you'll ever know. i do respect and value your opinion/opinions
    i myself just noticed that those were not miss judds boobs :D


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