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Ashes to ashes

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TheHempress, Mar 29, 2003.

  1. Well, I guess my girlish dreams have turned to dust.

    Someone just IMed me and told me that some other girl I know (who lives 90 minutes away, mind you) likes Ant and is trying to get with him tonight. What was I supposed to say? Oh, go right ahead and take the person I love, even though you fucking know I do? Actually, I don't have any right to be upset, it's not like he wants me anyway, even though he fucking hints at it all the time (i.e. inviting me over to his house to watch porn with him [BTW, what the fuck does that mean?!], and just basically dropping hints about things to me). But everytime I try to do anything, like make a move back, he always backs off.

    Either way, it's depressing news.

    Things are just not coming up roses for Mary this week.

    I was going to go to his house tonight too, but not now. I don't think I could stand watching her flirt with him, let alone seeing him flirt back.
  2. I'm so very sorry to hear about your situation. She doesn't sound like much of a friend though. I guess the old saying is true "if you love someone, set them free. If it was meant to be, they'll come back..........if not, hunt them down and shoot them!!!!!!!!!" Sometimes I sit and wonder what exact purpose a relationship serves.

    But if you love him that much then maybe you should be the aggressive one. I wish you luck hun and I'll smoke a bowl for you!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I feel bad for you. As a dude, I know for a fact that 99.99% of dudes are assholes. Just a question though, have you actually told him how you feel, or was it something a little more unobtrusive? Dudes are assholes, but they also can't pick up signals to well. And about the porn thing, dudes are also fucked up. We get a sort of sick pleasure from watching people be uncomfortable. My friends and I watched a porn with chicks (fast forwarding through the actual acts, just watching the plot--by the way you can't hear the plot of a porno without laughing your ass off) just to make them uncomfortable.
  4. Yes, I've actually told him...we even went out for 2 days about 2 1/2 years ago.
  5. Well, in that case I think the dudes a dumbass. What the hell? You don't watch a porn with an ex-girlfriend, even if you do remain close. Kind like rubbing salt in the wound. I hope he sees the error of his ways (from reading your posts {not just this one but all of them}, I can tell tell you truly that he is missing out and making a grievous error) and hooks up with you sometime. I know it's hard, but don't let it get to you to much. I'm gonna send loads of karma your way.
  6. thank you...and congrats on the 200 posts...I just noticed :D
  7. oh god.

    that is fucked up.

    oh well, if it is any consolation, Im not getting laid anytime soon!
  8. Nic is so stupid! He's the friend I talked about, who IMed me earlier today.

    Ant came over to my house today to visit my brother, b/c like I said in another thread my brother was in the hospital last night. And Nic and that girl came with him. I swear, Nic is so fucking stupid...he actually brings that girl to my house?! WTF? Why would he do such a thing? so they all sit in my living room and watch South Park with me and my brother...the whole time I want to tell them all to leave, just to get the fuck out of my house. Ant asks if they want to leave, and what does Nic say? "No, let's stay until the show is over" Until the show is over?! He doesn't get it at all! Oh my god, how fucking stupid can he be? I mean, he has to be stupid, or else he just did that out of spite, and if that's true, that's really fucking sick...really sick.
  9. oh, the dramas of love, lol. i know 'em all too well. sorry to hear about your bad luck, and i hope things work out between you two.

    i had something similar happen to me a while back. there's this girl who i've known for about 4 years now (the one with the shadow showing up on the cat scan). we started off as friends, but after a few months we started dating. things didn't work out due to a lot of issues on both ends, so we called a quits (mutually). after a while we end up going back out. things are going well, and by now i've fallen totally in love with her. well, stuff goes down and we break up again. i tried to get us back together, but it wasn't happening. i got the whole "i'm not ready for a relationship yet" thing. so i said ok...

    well, wouldn't ya know. within a few weeks she's got a new b/f, and i'm all like "wtf?" i pretended like it didn't bother me (just want her to be happy afterall), so the whole time i got to watch them flirting and hooking up... made me really depressed. but she's worth waiting for.

    lol. to cut it short, we're still awesome friends today. we've been through so much together, and there's still feelings there. it's just not the right timing i guess. for a while i really thought she was the one for me (everyone who knows us swears we're gonna end up getting married, LOL)... but lately things aren't looking that way. it sucks when the person who you love with all your heart doesn't feel the same way.

  10. face=needing kicked.
  11. My honest opinion. He probably does like you but goes out with other chicks because he knows your always gonna be there. No matter what you too have been through over the years you always make up. Like how long did the 2 of you not talking last? But anyways. i know your in love with him, and it hurts but tell him to either shit or get off the pot and quit playing games with you... But on the other hand yall have been friends awhile and you wouldnt wanna wreck it but hell look at kritosy (spelling?) you probably figured out its "Jane" by now. I should have kidnapped you and your bong and wisked you away when i left... but hey at least you got to hang out with your brother :)

    As for your friend who's trying to get with him when she knows you love him... Who is she?! next time i come down ill beat her ass... No seriously its been done to me and it sucks... Basically fuck that bitch. and the friendship...

    You know me... im blunt :)
  12. I'm that bitch! That other girl that lives 90 minutes away!
    You want to beat my ass!

    Actually, none of you have any idea who I am.
    I'm obviously not a friend of Mary's, but I wouldn't mind being one.
    I joined grasscity just to make a post to this thread... Why? Wouldn't that just aggravate the situation?
    Hopefully not... I don't want trouble; I don't want this to turn into some huge, dramatic, pointless ordeal. I just wanna clarify things a little. I basically don't want to be in the middle of the drama cuz I think it's a little pointless considering a few things....

    I am a friend of a friend of Mary's. Nic's my buddy and I live far away from him so I come down to visit him and he takes me to hang out with his friends. I met Mary for the first time a few weeks ago and I've hung out with her 2 or 3 times.

    I do think that Ant is a nice guy. I like him, he's definately cool. But never did I intend to "get with him" last night.
    I barely know Mary or anything about her life, past or present. I don't know anything about her relationship with Ant. And I definately wasn't trying to take the person she loves.

    As for Nic bringing me over to Mary's last night. He was stoned, we all were, so he really wasn't thinking very much. He wasn't doing anything out of spite.

    That's all...
  13. Oh boy! This is getting good!!
  14. hmmm...

    just out of curiosity, how did you find out about this place/this thread/ etc?

    and..welcome..that is, if you intend to stay..or just wanted to come and defend yourself..if that is the case..nice ot have met you and have a nice day....

    i was gonna say something else, but forgot.
  15. looking through seasoned tokers and saw Mary's hempress name

  16. Well, then you obviously didn't see the IM Nic sent me:
    BTW..I'm Shishkeberry

    RawolGreenSword (5:57:46 PM): Do you like Ant?
    Shishkeberry (5:58:00 PM): what do you mean?
    RawolGreenSword (5:58:28 PM): Like as a potential BF?
    Shishkeberry (5:58:36 PM): why?
    RawolGreenSword (5:58:49 PM): Dude
    RawolGreenSword (5:58:52 PM): I just wanna know
    Shishkeberry (5:58:58 PM): ok...yes, yes I do
    Shishkeberry (5:59:00 PM): now why?
    Shishkeberry (5:59:04 PM): why do you want to know?
    RawolGreenSword (5:59:11 PM): Because
    RawolGreenSword (5:59:15 PM): [Edit] likes him
    RawolGreenSword (5:59:23 PM): And we're gonna sleep overnight at his house
    RawolGreenSword (5:59:29 PM): and stuff might happen

    EDIT-And I don't care if you guys were stoned...that was still really fucking stupid of Nic to tag along...I was in no state to see either of you...he's my best friend, he should know better. He always does stupid shit like this, and the worst part is he doesn't even fucking know when he does it...I don't get an apology unless I point it out to him. Do you know how much that boy brings me to tears? A lot. And yet I still hang out with him, b/c he's my friend and I love him, but then he pulled that fucking stunt last night. I don't think me and Nic can be friends anymore if he's gonna do stuff like that and not even realize it...I don't have the strength or the self-esteem. BTW Amira, sure we can still be friends....I only got upset b/c of the way Nic worded things. Yes, I love Ant, I have for years, and even tho he posts here and might see it, I dont care anymore! I'm sick of hiding it. It's killing me inside everyday. Plus I'm sure Nic told him anyway, b/c he's fucking stupid like that.
  17. Jane, Curtosi was just a rebound thing..I was upset b/c I missed Brendan (how, I'll never know) and wanted someone to talk to...Curtosi was my best friend at the time, and he was there. Things just kinda led to wasn't planned, or expected. And I wish it never happened. Believe me, I still get sick to my stomach over it.

    BTW...I'm not a violent person...I never intended to beat Amira's ass, so don't think I'm gonna! My friend "Jane" is a rather blunt girl, to put it mildly. (no pun intended, she's a joint girl in that aspect!)
  18. *swallows foot*

    hey im sorry. im just mary's buddy and i try to look out for her i dont like people doing any of my friends wrong... you really floored me at first i thought you were just kidding but than i realized you were serious.. i think idunno mj does some strange things to ya... like i hope i didnt piss you off or any thing and if you want me to kick your ass ill b more than happy :) J/K

    This is why i love my relationship status .. id never want to be single again.... If any bitch comes near my man. i will kill her :) or at least her first born child... but anyways..

    if this is how i understand it than this is a tad screwed up i only got on here cuz mary told me about it. i guess i didnt consider her other friends being around.. so if things are cool thats spiffy if not... oh well let the kicking of asses begin..

    well my 2 cents stirs up shit so im just gonna take the backseat as long as Mary's happy i dont give a shit
  19. woohoo... okay now that i smoked a joint to clear my head hell i wouldnt write anything on here now you never know who's reading it.. but yeah... as far as the brenden/curtosiy or whatever the fuck it is you should always start sleeping with their friends before you break up with them, it makes things interesting and it pisses them off more... Jake was such a jerk im glad i got with Bryson, at least i got something out of those months.

    if me and my old man break up Mary will you marry me? and we can cheat on each other like alot but still men are so complicated..

    im rambling anywho i dont want you people to hate me this soon so ill stop..
  20. Of course I'll marry you Jane!! Can I wear the dress tho?

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