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Ashes good for plants?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by blaazedd, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. A lot of my friend have been telling me that I should ash in the soil I'm growing my plants into. I thought it was a weird idea, how could cigarette ashes help it grow with all the bad shit thats in it? So, that's why I'm asking..

  2. umm i think your friend might have a bit too much ash in his head.cause i for one would never do such a thing.:eek:
  3. i would say it depends on the ash, what it was from, from cigarettes or any other tobacco its probably not gonna be anything but bad for the plant.
  4. thought so. I didnt wanna do anything unless I was sure it was gonna help them. So, no newport ashes for my babies. Thanks!
  5. You can add hardwood ash as a way to increase pH, otherwise I would steer clear of using ashes.
  6. bump. I believe ashes can raise ph and add nutes to soil. I heard somewhere that they're especially good for the flowering stage.
  7. Wood ash is a good source of K. Don´t know about cigarette ash though.

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