Ashcatcher help?!?!?

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  1. Hi, i recently ordered a "weed star tusk double wall precooler 18.8mm" off grass city's site. Basically my first problem is that because its 18.8mm, it only fits on my bong joint and not my downstem which defeats the purpose of the precooling. Next, do i need a downstem for this thing? im just so confused if someone could please explain how to properly use this device and i could just get to tokin
  2. Post a pic. But from what you're saying it seems like there is an insert like for the downstem itself or you need the proper sized ash catcher to fit that joint. Post pics of the pieces and let's see what we see broski.
  3. You'll want the a/c to fit into your down stem so that you're getting the double diffusion and so the a/c can work efficiently. Load your bowl on the ash catcher and light 'er up. You can get things like a J-Hook so you can smoke straight out the ash catcher rather than rigging it up with the bong.
  4. Yeah, pics would definitely help. But it sounds like you got a 18.8 a/c when you need a 14.4 one. There are adapters you can buy, and they're usually no more than $10. But yeah, pics.

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